Yami Dance Shoes as a Gift? How to Buy the Perfect Ballroom Dance Shoes for Her

Christmas is still a few months away but if you want to avoid the holiday rush, you can do your shopping early. How about a pair of quality Yami dance shoes as a gift for her?

Dance shoes are the best gift for dancers but giving these as gifts can be tricky because the feet have a complex structure. Even if the size is just a few millimeters off, you will feel it when you’re dancing in ill-fitting shoes! Also, we all have different tastes, some prefer classic styles while others prefer blinged-out strap heels in the boldest colorways, so that’s another factor that you should consider if you’re buying dance shoes for someone special. 

So how to buy the perfect dance shoes for her? Here are some tips that will narrow down your search:

Open Toe or Closed Toe?

Ballroom and Latin dance shoes come in an array of designs to choose from so you’re never short of options. But! There are designs that are considered as a “standard” in these dance genres.

Dance shoes come in open and closed-toe design. Latin dance shoes are typically open-toed in design to maximize the movement of the feet. It’s typical for Latin music to have an upbeat tempo so you need shoes that let you "feel the dance floor" while dancing. 

Shoes with an open toe design allow you to extend your toes so the bodyweight is distributed evenly on the feet. The dance genre is also full of feet pointing and the visual impact becomes better when you're wearing open-toe heels. 

Ballroom shoes, on the other hand, often come in closed-toe design because the movements are smooth and slower. The closed-toe design gives ample protection to the feet while also providing more space to position the toes while dancing.


Dance shoes should have a snug fit. If the shoes are a little loose, the dancer could slip on the dance floor and sprain her ankle. Shoes with a loose fit tend to wobble, making the dancer unstable on her feet. If it’s too tight, every step feels like walking on hot coals. You get blisters, bruises, and if the material is too rigid, it could cut the skin. 

You need to get the measurements right when buying any type of shoes otherwise, the fit won’t be right. This is a little tricky if you’re planning a surprise, more so if you are buying shoes online. We suggest sneaking off with a pair of her dance shoes and having these measured by a professional. 

When in doubt, opt for dance shoes with straps. Strappy shoes are fool-proof because the fit is adjustable. The straps also ensure that the shoes won’t come off during a performance. 

One important thing to remember when gifting a pair of dance shoes is that the sizing will depend on where the manufacturer is based. If the shoe manufacturer is based in Europe, for example, then the sizing is based on EU sizing. The same thing goes if the shoes are from Asia, they’ll come in Asian sizes so check the label.

T-strap dancing shoes may not be the best choice for people with high arches because the straps could get in the way when pointing the foot. Opt for open-toe shoes with a wide band on the forefoot and ankle like the Melody in silver. Strappy heels do not provide a great fit for dancers with uneven toes. The toes could pop out while pointing the foot during a performance. Try the Tamia in blue and black if this is an issue.

It’s common for most dancers to use an insole insert if the shoes are a little loose. But we suggest getting shoes with built-in cushions like our Yami dance shoes. These shoes provide a snug fit without pain. The built-in cushions also absorb impact while alleviating pressure caused by the material rubbing against the skin. 

The Heel

Is she accustomed to wearing 4 to 5-inch heels or does she prefer low heeled dance shoes? The answer will depend on how well you know a person so be extra observant. Remember, if the shoes are too uncomfortable, she won’t wear them. 

If she’s been dancing all her life, check her dance shoe collection. If her collection consists mostly of heels then get a pair of shoes in similar heel height. If she’s new to dancing or she prefers the balanced wear of low heels, you know what to get!

If you don’t know what heel height to get, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Yami dance shoes with a 2.5 to 3-inch flared heel. The thicker base of the flared heel adds stability while giving a modest height boost that flatters most ensembles. Also, this is a great heel height to create a long leg line - perfect for performers and competitive dancers. For those who are into social dancing, opt for a modest 2-inch heel. This heel height is comfortable, allowing you to dance without pain for hours.

A safe bet would be our Latin dance shoes Performer or Swirl. These shoes come in shades that look good with everything and the heel height is just right. All Yami shoes come with solidly built cup heel so they are perfectly balanced. 


Before buying a pair of dance shoes as a gift, you need to know the personal style of the person you are giving the gift to. Does she like sparkly, blinged-out heels or does she prefer strappy black heels? 

Neutrals and black heels are safe choices because they go with everything. Neutrals, in particular, are popular for making the legs appear longer so if that’s something that she likes, you can’t go wrong with nude heels. We have a huge selection of nude heels, in case you’re ready to give her the ultimate gift. 

On the other hand, if she’s into everything bold, sparkly, and eye-catching, we suggest getting her a strappy pair of rhinestone-encrusted heels like the Diamond studded Performer Latin dance shoes or the Emoni in gorgeous cobalt or Fuschia. These dance heels are designed to mesmerize on the dance floor with their multicolored sparkles, bold colors, and shiny satin material.

If she loves the comfort and casual style of booties, try the Celia in either copper or denim material as well as the Maddie open toe booties. The booties would look great when paired with a pair of denim pants or short/long skirts! 

The Quality

Perhaps one of the most important factors that you should think about when giving someone a gift is the quality of the product itself. You don’t want to give her a pair of low-quality dance shoes that will fall apart in the middle of dancing, no. High-quality dance shoes are the way to go! The price tag is important but don’t let it be the only deciding factor to consider when you’re shopping, the shoes should last more than a few rounds of Rumba! 

Yami dance shoes are made from quality materials and are crafted by artisans under our strict quality standards. You get exactly what you pay for so invest in durable shoes that will give your loved one years of enjoyment. 










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