Nothing like a pair of black Yami dance shoes  to elevate your look! Versatile, chic, and timeless, our range of black ladies shoes come in an array of designs to choose from. Our Latin dance shoes are not just tastefully designed and painstakingly crafted with premium materials, they offer great support and balance too!

Dance in Comfort: Strategically-placed padding supports the forefoot, arch, and heel for pain-free, comfortable wear. The dense foam cushion absorbs peak impact with every step, allowing you to dance in high heels up to 4 times longer. 

Superior Quality: Crafted from premium vegan leather and textiles, each pair of Yami dance shoes is lovingly made by hand for unbeatable durability and craftsmanship.

Stunning Designs: From satin to studded, our black Latin dance shoes come in an array of designs to flatter any ensemble. 

Here at Yami, we care about your comfort. Dancing demands movements that shift most of your body weight on the balls or pads of your feet. The result? Persistent forefoot pain that never goes away!

That's why our black social dance shoes are not only meant to dazzle the audience, they're also extra padded for comfortable wear that lasts. No more forefoot pain, muscle strain, or hip pains, Yami dance shoes are layered with flexible cushioned insoles in a range of heel height and thickness so you can dance for hours in high heels without the pain and muscle strain. 

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