Dance Booties: Why You Need to Snag a Pair!


When we think about dance shoes, the first styles that come to mind are strappy shoes with gravity-defying heels, classic Mary Janes with low heels, or pointe shoes of ballerinas. We seldom think of other styles like the booties

Here at Yami, we’re all about elevating your performance and ensemble with high-quality dance shoes. And though we don’t like playing favorites, we have a soft spot for the booties and we’ll tell you why!

Bootie-Style Dance Shoes

The booties have the same look and shape as regular low boots. The faux leather material hugs the entire foot up, extending below or a few millimeters above the ankle bone. Most people are wary of choosing this shoe style - and we’re not just talking about dance shoes here but in general - because the length of the boots could sometimes make the legs appear short. Some dancers also feel that the way the boots were designed affects the visual impact of foot pointing. 

Though most dancers prefer the leg-lengthening look of stilettos and strappy dance heels, you can dress up booties to create a longer leg line. Choose a more streamlined bootie design because bulky booties won’t do your legs any favor. The Micaela in black has sexy straps on the front and a sleek body that skims the foot for a gorgeous silhouette. We also suggest getting booties in nude colors to lengthen the legs.

Booties with thin straps look flattering for dances with lots of toe pointing like Latin dance genres. If you don’t want the material to cover the entire feet, opt for the caged design like Yami’s Celia in black faux leather, denim, or smooth copper or the Chantel gold lace-up booties.

Why We’re Crazy for Booties

Protection from Ankle Injuries


Don’t get us wrong, strappy heels look sexy but if you have weak ankles and/or you need more support than a few thin straps could give, you can’t go wrong with booties. Because the material extends up to or below the ankle bone, the shoes hug the feet like a glove. You’ll feel more confident with those twists and turns knowing that no shoe straps would snap and send you crashing to the floor. The way that the booties are designed helps support the arches, allowing you to dance comfortably for hours. 

Full Support


Do you have high or low arches? Do you dread wearing high heels, much more dance in them, because of forefoot pain? If the answer to these questions is yes, you should definitely stick to booties. Booties are perfect for newbies or those who want to dance longer in heels because the shoe design boosts support and stability. You’re less likely to slip and slide with dance booties because the shoes are less likely to wobble when worn. The design is very secure so it won’t slip off during a performance. And if you have high or low arches, the foot is anchored securely with the booties, making you more stable on your feet. 

Excellent Balance


When was the last time you felt at ease wearing five-inch stilettos on the dance floor? For a lucky few who've been wearing heels all their lives, wearing stilettos is a piece of cake. But for most people, especially those who are new to social dancing, wearing shoes with heels that are higher than 3 inches can be downright torturous. Not all people could walk in them!

The great thing about bootie-style dance shoes is that they’re very comfortable to wear, even when the heels are high and skinny. The boots anchor the foot onto the shoe bed so you can dance comfortably without losing your balance. 

Great Fit


It’s hard to focus on dancing in tune with the music if your shoes keep slipping off! We’ve been there. Loose shoes are not only distracting, they could increase your risk of injury too. Of all shoe styles, booties are perhaps the most forgiving. Because the material fits the foot like a glove, you can dance better and more confidently wearing ‘em. You can dazzle the crowd with your perfectly-executed dance moves without worrying about your loose shoes slipping off and hitting someone in the audience.      

Versatile Style


Some choose classic pumps and strappy dance shoes over booties thinking that the latter won’t match their outfits. We beg to disagree! Booties are just as versatile as any dance heels. You can wear booties dressed up or down. Rock these shoes with trousers, denim pants, flowing skirts, even mini dresses - the possibilities are endless! Sure, booties are better paired with laidback ensembles and not so much with formal dresses but you can create endless looks with a pair of booties. To make booties even easier to wear, we suggest sticking to black and nude colors. 

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, booties are some of the most versatile dance shoe styles there are. We love booties because they’re eye-catching and so comfortable to wear. What’s your favorite booties from our collection? Sound off in the comments section!


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