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Wire Brush for Suede Soles

Wire Brush for Suede Soles is the perfect dancing partner for your Ballroom Shoes, Dance Shoes, & Latin Dance Shoes! Crafted from metal wire & wood, it's built to last. Plus, it comes with a black button closure bristle cover, so it won't scratch your skin


Sizing Guidance for Your Perfect Fit

  • Our dance shoes are crafted to USA standard sizes, offering a balanced fit for dancers.
  • To ensure the best fit, we strongly recommend using our detailed size chart and measuring guidelines available on each product page.
  • Remember, selecting the right size is crucial for your comfort and performance, and you are ultimately responsible for choosing your size.

For any sizing questions or assistance, please reach out to us at or through our website chat.

A good starting point is your everyday shoe size, adjusting as necessary based on our guidelines.


Upgrade your dance wardrobe with the sophisticated Heidy Latin Dance Shoes. Choose your favorite color and heel height, and step into elegance and comfort today!

Elevate your dance experience with Heidy Latin Dance Shoes, offering a sophisticated look and exceptional comfort for salsa, ballroom, and other Latin dance styles.

Features & Benefits:

  • Available in two vibrant colors: Red with red gemstones and Black with black gemstones
  • High-quality satin upper for a luxurious, sophisticated look and feel
  • Ideal for salsa, ballroom, and other Latin dance styles
  • Ultra-light and flexible for effortless movement and dancing
  • Yami padded insoles built into the lining for ultimate comfort and support
  • Suitable for practice, social dancing, and performance
  • Microfiber outsole, perfect for spinning on wooden floors
  • Stylish strappy design with faceted gemstones for added sparkle and shine
  • Two heel height options: 3-inch flared and 4-inch flared


  • Upper Material: Quality Satin
  • Sole Material: Microfiber
  • Sizes: US Women's 4-11.5
  • Colors: Red with red gemstones, Black with black gemstones
  • Heel Heights: 3-inch flared, 4-inch flared
  1. Luxurious and Sophisticated Design: The Heidy Latin Dance Shoes are crafted from high-quality satin, giving them a luxurious and sophisticated look. The vibrant colors, red and black, are adorned with matching faceted gemstones, adding an extra touch of elegance and shine to your dance ensemble.

  2. Perfect for Various Dance Styles: Designed with versatility in mind, these Latin dance shoes are perfect for salsa, ballroom, and other Latin dance styles. Whether you're practicing, social dancing, or performing, the Heidy Latin Dance Shoes will ensure you look and feel your best on the dance floor.

  3. Ultra-light and Flexible: The Heidy Latin Dance Shoes are ultra-light and flexible, allowing for effortless movement and dancing. This ensures that you can dance with ease and grace, without feeling weighed down by your footwear.

  4. Exceptional Comfort and Support: Featuring Yami padded insoles built into the lining, the Heidy Latin Dance Shoes provide ultimate comfort and support. This helps to reduce foot fatigue and soreness during long hours of dancing, allowing you to focus on perfecting your dance moves.

  5. Optimal Traction for Spinning: The microfiber outsole of the Heidy Latin Dance Shoes is perfect for spinning on wooden floors. The material offers just the right amount of grip and glide, ensuring that you can execute your turns and spins with precision and ease.

  6. Customizable Heel Height Options: With two heel height options available – a 3-inch flared and a 4-inch flared – the Heidy Latin Dance Shoes can be customized to suit your preferences and dancing needs. Choose the heel height that provides the perfect balance of comfort, stability, and style for you.




Experience the Dana ProFlex Advantage: The Ultimate Dance Shoe for Every Performer

Tailored Comfort: The Dana ProFlex shoes revolutionize dance footwear with cushioned insoles that cradle your feet, providing targeted support under the balls and heels for pain-free performances.

Unmatched Flexibility: Embrace the freedom of movement with Dana ProFlex’s design, allowing for elegant, fluid dance steps without sacrificing support, perfect for mastering complex routines.

Stable and Secure: Confidence in every step, the sturdy heel and secure strap system of the Dana ProFlex ensure a balanced and stable foundation on any dance surface, enhancing your performance.

Durability Meets Style: High-quality satin material not only gives these shoes an exquisite look but also guarantees durability, ensuring they remain a staple of your dance wardrobe through countless rehearsals and performances.

Perfect Fit for All: Available in a range of sizes and designed with a medium width to accommodate various foot shapes, the Dana ProFlex offers a personalized fit for dancers at any level, from beginners to professionals.

Seamless Integration: Whether you're gliding through a romantic ballroom number or spicing up the stage with Latin rhythms, the Dana ProFlex adapts seamlessly, making it your go-to shoe for every dance genre.

Elevate your dance journey with the Dana ProFlex dance shoe, where unparalleled comfort, flexibility, and stability meet to enhance your performance and style on the dance floor.

Shipping & Exchanges


At Yami Shoes, we are committed to providing the best shopping experience possible, which is why we offer our customers an easy and hassle-free exchange process.

Our EXCHANGE CENTER ensures that you can easily initiate a exchange. You have up to 30 days from the SHIP DATE to request a exchange.


We offer one full round of free exchanges for every order within the USA. Whether it’s a size change, style swap, or a different color, we've got you covered.

Experience hassle-free exchanges and get your perfect pair without any extra shipping costs. With our 'Perfect Fit Promise', your comfort and satisfaction are guaranteed!"

For international orders, customers are responsible for shipping costs. However, we still offer easy exchanges through our Exchange CENTER.

If you need to exchange your order, simply visit our EXCHANGE CENTER to initiate the process. Our team will guide you through the process and ensure that your exchange is processed as quickly as possible.

Please note that any additional shipping costs beyond the first round will be the responsibility of the customer.

To qualify for a exchange, shoes must be in new, unused condition:

✅ Try your shoes on a clean surface.
✅ Shoes must not have foot imprints, discoloring, or dirt on the insole.
✅ Dirty outsoles are unacceptable.
✅ Include your shoe bag with your return!

For more information, visit our Exchange Policy Page.

Shipping Policy:

We will pay for shipping and exchange cost for the first round of all USA domestic orders using USPS Ground. Please note that any additional shipping and return costs beyond the first round will be the responsibility of the customer.

Shipping Rates:

To determine the estimated shipping cost for any item to your desired address, simply select the item you wish to purchase and proceed to the shopping cart page.

The estimated shipping cost will be displayed, along with a map showing your location and the option to select a different location.

Please note that you are not obligated to make the purchase or provide payment information if you choose not to proceed to checkout.

If you decide to use a shipping method other than the default USPS Ground option, any additional shipping costs will be the responsibility of the customer.

At Yami Shoes, we strive to provide our customers with a seamless shopping experience, and our shipping policies are designed to make your shopping experience as hassle-free as possible.

Shipping Carrier:

By default, Yami Shoes ships orders by USPS Ground. For Priority Shipping, Expedited shipping, Express Mail is also available at the customer's expense.

Processing Times:

Yami Shoes processes online orders 5 days a week with some exceptions such as holidays and weekends.

We typically process and package online orders placed before 3:00 pm EST on the same day an order is placed.

Online orders placed after 3:00 PM EST are processed the following business day. Orders with a large number of items may take 3 or more additional days to process.

While we process orders 5 days a week, USPS picks up shipments from our warehouse Monday through Friday, with some exceptions including holidays.

Yami Shoes does not assume any responsibility for any delays with shipping an order or the manner it was delivered after it is transferred to the possession of USPS or any other carrier.

For the complete details of the policy, you can refer to the Yami Exchange Policy

Experience the difference that thoughtful design and innovative features can make to your dancing and overall foot health.

Enhanced Comfort with Padded Insoles

Why It Matters: Integrated with Yami padded insoles, these shoes deliver unparalleled comfort and support.

The insoles are designed to cushion the areas under the most stress during dancing, such as the balls of the feet and heels.

Your Benefit: Experience reduced foot fatigue and soreness, allowing you to focus more on your dance technique and less on discomfort.

Ultra-light and Flexible

Why It Matters: The Heidy shoes are exceptionally light and flexible, promoting natural movement and agility.

This allows for fluid dance motions, enhancing your ability to glide across the dance floor with minimal effort.

Your Benefit: Dance longer and more freely with shoes that feel like a natural extension of your feet, reducing the strain on your legs and feet during intense dance sessions.

Optimal Traction for Spinning

Why It Matters: Equipped with a high-quality microfiber outsole, the Heidy shoes offer the ideal balance of grip and glide, essential for executing precise spins and turns on wooden floors.

Your Benefit: Perform spins with confidence and grace, knowing your shoes provide the traction needed for control and precision, enhancing your overall dance execution.

Superior Steady Heels: Stability Meets Elegance

Why It Matters: Heidy Latin Dance Shoes come with a choice of a 3-inch flared or a 4-inch flared heel, each meticulously engineered to provide exceptional stability.

This design minimizes wobbling, enabling you to maintain balance effortlessly throughout your dances.

Your Benefit: Enjoy a longer night of dancing with less fatigue. The stable base of our heels means your legs work less to keep you balanced, reducing strain and allowing you to focus on your performance and style.

Choose the heel height that not only matches your aesthetic preference but also enhances your dancing endurance and comfort.

Sweat-Resistant Microfiber Insole

Why It Matters: Yuiza dance shoes feature advanced microfiber insoles that repel sweat and moisture. This material choice contrasts with traditional suede insoles found in most dance shoes, which absorb sweat and can lead to odor and quicker deterioration.

Your Benefit: Keep your feet fresh and your shoes odor-free, even during the most vigorous dance sessions, ensuring your shoes last longer and stay comfortable.

Padded Insoles

Elevated Comfort with Every Move

Wave goodbye to sore feet!

Our Dana shoes come with plush padding for both the balls of your feet and heels, ensuring you can dance for hours in sheer comfort.

This extra cushioning offers essential support and shock absorption, easing the impact on your joints and muscles.

With every step, feel the bliss of dancing on clouds. Keep moving in comfort, letting every dance be a joyous experience.

How Find Your Correct Shoe Size

We recommend starting with your everyday shoe size when selecting shoes.

For those with wide feet, we suggest choosing a half size up, while those with narrow feet may consider sizing down. 

**Please note that our dance shoes have a standard width (not narrow or wide)**

  • Place a piece of paper against a wall and ensure that it is flush against the wall.

    Stand on the piece of paper with your heel against the wall.

  • Draw a straight line on the paper at the end of your longest toe, ensuring that the line is perpendicular to the edge of the paper. This will provide an accurate measurement of the length of your foot.

  • Repeat for the other foot and choose the longest measurement!

    Compare your measurements to our size chart guide to determine the best size for your foot.

  • Pack N’ Ship in 48 hours

    Hate waiting for your orders? Me too. All shoe orders are packed & shipped within 48 hrs! Using priority USPS shipping!

  • Comfy Fit and Feel

    Only dance shoes in the world that contain extra padding in the areas you need the most relief – under the balls of the feet and heels.

  • Free Shipping and Exchanges

    Try on your new shoes and confirm Fit, Feel and Sizing. If they Don't fit send them back and exchange for a size that fits. Free of Charge!