Yami Dance Shoes - What Latin Dance Shoe Style Should You Get

Latin dance is as much about the performance as it is about the art form. It’s about the passion, the execution, the form. It’s all about the glitz and glamor too! And whether you’re going for the “street” look, understated elegance, or full glam, there is definitely a pair of Latin dance shoes that will suit your style. 

But before having fun choosing the right dance shoes for you, let’s break down some of the most popular designs we have here at Yami Dance shoes:

Popular Dance Shoe Styles

Full Lace-Up 

Do you have narrow or wide feet? Your foot shape matters when finding the perfect dance shoes. If you have wide feet and you chose the wrong shoes, you might end up spending on a pair of Latin dance shoes that you’ll hardly use. The wrong design could pinch the feet in places, making it very painful to execute the footwork. 

Full lace-up shoes are some of the most versatile dance shoe styles out there because the design works for narrow and wide feet alike. The lace-up design gives the ankles and forefoot much-needed stability and support while dancing. The design is also versatile, it comes in open-toe style to showcase your precise footwork, toe pointing, and articulation of the feet while matching your ensemble. 

Foot swelling is normal when wearing high heels, much more dancing in heels and what’s great about full lace-up is that you can loosen the straps while resting. 

Dance Booties

Dance booties are boot-like shoes that resemble ankle boots. The difference is that the length of the booties fall at the ankle while ankle boots end about four to five inches above the ankle. Booties have a casual look to them and are best worn with a full skirt, cropped trousers, or a pair of skinny jeans. 

Dance booties are all about comfort. The design is higher than regular Latin dance shoes, “hugging” the feet for optimal support and stability. The shoes won’t slide off nor wobble because of the design. Most dance booties come with extra straps so you can tighten or loosen the fit for more comfortable wear. 

Cage shoes and delicate pumps might not work if you have wide feet but booties? The design is perfect for your foot width! Depending on the style, booties could also make wide feet look extra narrow. On top of that, you can get away with higher heels without the pain by wearing dance booties. The style is perfect if you’re new to dancing and you’d like to train in high heels.

Studded Dance Shoes

A full glam outfit calls for equally showy shoes. That’s what studded dance shoes are all about. From edgy to glamorous, the shimmery studs flash under the spotlight, putting your dance moves on the best possible light. Studded dance shoes are also perfect for performers who want to look their best on and off the dance floor!

Studded shoes come in various styles; some come in peep-toe, others with thin straps. Both designs will look gorgeous when worn with short and long gowns. As for the studs, some shoes are encrusted with flashy Swarovski crystals, others with rhinestones. 

Strappy Shoes

Going for the sultry, flirty look? Strappy Latin dance shoes give you all the flexibility you need to execute those fancy footwork while putting your feet (and legs) on display! Strappy Latin dance shoes make the legs look extra-long while also adding a delicate femininity to your ensemble. 

Our strappy Latin dance shoes have adjustable ankle straps so you can tighten the straps for a snug fit. And if you need a break from all that dancing, simply loosen the straps and let your feet rest! Strappy heels with ankle straps are also best for those with narrow feet.

Performance Dance Shoes vs Social Dance Shoes

The shoes you wear is critical to your performance as a dancer regardless if you’re a performer or a social dancer. The wrong dancing shoes could slip off, break, or they may come undone in the middle of a performance. It’s also possible to endure excruciating blisters, forefoot pain, leg fatigue, and in worst cases, foot and ankle injuries when wearing the wrong dancing shoes.

When it comes to Latin dance, there are two types of shoes to choose from, performance dance shoes and social dance shoes. Both footwear types are designed to boost balance and support during spins and twirls without hurting the feet. 

The choice between these dance shoes will depend on your needs. If you are a veteran dancer who performs on shows on a fairly regular basis then it makes sense to invest in a pair of performance dance shoes. 

Performance dance shoes often come in basic yet versatile designs to match a performer’s elaborate outfits. These shoes often come in easy to wear colorways like black, nude, red, and metallic shades.

As for the construction and materials, they’re similar to regular dance shoes. Since performance dance shoes are often customized, they are more expensive than your regular dance shoes.

Love joining social dances? Get a pair of social dance shoes. Social dance shoes are similar in construction with performance dance shoes but the designs are similar to regular party heels. Social dance shoes look like your typical T-strap heels, strappy heels, or cage booties but the components, like Yami’s microfiber soles and built-in, are meant to make dancing uber comfortable. Because social dance shoes are similar to party shoes, they often come in a variety of colors, styles, and embellishments.

If you are new to salsa or bachata dancing, we suggest a pair of T-strap or booties with 2.5 to 3-inch heels to start. These dance shoe styles have straps that attach securely to the feet. They won’t come off or get loose when you dance!

When it comes to Latin dance shoes, there is no need to choose between style and performance. Whether you’re into casual booties or glitzy, rhinestone-encrusted strappy heels, we have all the dance shoe designs that will make your heartbeat just a little bit faster! Go ahead and explore our collection today and feel the Yami difference. 

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