Why Cushion Matters in Dance Shoes

Dancing does a body good but let's face it, it does a number on the feet too. Whether you’re dancing professionally, competitively, or for fun, dancing demands movements that shift most of your body weight on the balls or pads of your feet.

Without the right shoes, your feet will take the brunt of all that furious twists and turns. Eventually, you’ll suffer from pain (strained muscles, bruising, cuts, etc.) or worse, sustain an injury. This is the reason why professional dancers are more prone to foot and ankle injuries.

Now the thing is, not all shoes are created equally and though it’s fine to wear your worn-out sneakers for dancing, it’s much better to invest in a pair of dance shoes.

Unlike regular shoes, dance shoes are lighter, more flexible, allowing freedom of movement while busting a move on the dance floor. Take your dancing up a notch by choosing dance shoes with cushions because the extra padding will enhance your performance in so many ways.

Benefits of Cushioning in Dance Shoes

Better Support

When you’re dancing, your body weight is constantly shifting. The toes, the pads, or the balls of your feet bear the brunt of your weight with each step. Depending on your routine, the quick movements can make the ankles and legs unsteady too.

Without proper cushioning, the feet are vulnerable to shock force each time you take a step. The pain often leads to injuries, muscle strains, and foot disorders. When you’re in pain from wearing the wrong kind of dance shoes, it will show on your performance. 

A pair of dance shoes with cushioned insoles reduce the impact of dancing, easing forefoot pressure that causes pain. The extra padding minimizes the strain caused by shifting weight, boosting stability where it counts. With a pair of cushioned dance shoes, you can dance your way to victory without pain and/or injuries.

Comfortable Wear

Wearing heels, in general, is akin to standing on your tippy-toes. The body weight is shifted towards the ball of the foot and toes and this puts a lot of strain on the legs and back. Unless you’re used to wearing heels, heeled footwear tends to be uncomfortable the longer you wear it. 

And even when you’re used to wearing heels, you’ll still feel a little pain on the forefoot especially if you’ve been wearing heels for hours. That’s because your body weight is concentrated on the pads of your feet. The pressure only builds up on the forefoot with every step. 

Now imagine if you are wearing normal heels while dancing, it’s not comfortable at all. Dance shoes with strategically-placed cushions are more comfortable to wear because the bodyweight is evenly distributed all over the feet. The extra padding also absorbs the impact and protects the feet so you can dance for hours comfortably even with the high heels.

Healthy Movements

The foot is comprised of thin tissues called fascia. The tissues are quite sensitive and if you're dancing for hours on a regular basis, you are putting excessive strain on the fascia, which could cause muscle inflammation. 

Inflamed fascia tissues, called plantar fasciitis, is not only painful, you’ll lose flexibility too, a no-no if you are a professional dancer! That’s because the feet leads the movement of the whole body. And because dancing puts a lot of strain on the feet, one wrong move could lead to an injury.

Dance shoes with extra padding provide stability while also neutralizing impact that causes forefoot pain and/or injuries. The extra cushions boost flexibility while improving your foot's movement patterns. Wearing cushioned dance shoes could also minimize the risk of certain foot conditions that are linked to incorrect foot movement patterns.

Better Posture

Dancing demands the perfect form. That’s why proper posture is a must when you’re dancing, more so if you dance professionally or competitively. It’s hard to hold the proper form if your foundational support (your feet) is unsteady. When your feet are fully supported during a performance, it will show on your whole body. Think of dance shoe cushions as extra support that reinforces correct foot movements and patterns so the body follows. With every step, you achieve the perfect form because your feet feel stable.

Extend the Life of Your Dance Shoes

Dance shoes aren’t exactly cheap so it’s nice to know that you can make the most out of your Yamis thanks to the extra cushions. The healthy foot movements, the added support, and the even weight distribution contribute to the long wear of the shoes. Whether you dance the Rumba, the Cha-Cha, or the Salsa, cushioned dance shoes let you indulge in your passion for dancing while also saving more money. 

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