Stuck in a Dance Rut? 9 Ways to Make Latin Dance Exciting Again

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No matter how fun or exciting an activity is, there are days when you just feel less enthusiastic about doing it. Dancing is no exception. You can get 100% excited slipping into your Latin dance shoes and going out on social dance events most days, but some days, you don’t feel like going at all. There are days when you crave more excitement, and that’s totally normal!

Perhaps it’s because you feel like you’re doing the same old thing every time, or you are in the mood for something fun or different. Whatever reason it is for being stuck in a dance slump, here are ways to make Latin dance exciting again:

9 Ways to Make Latin Dance Exciting Again

Learn a New Dance Style

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Does it feel like you’ve already mastered Bachata and you’re ready to learn a different dance style? Perhaps Kizomba or Salsa, this time? Learning a new dance is not only challenging, it’s fun too! You get to learn new techniques or new dance figures while also improving your dance skills. Who knows? The new dance style that you’re trying to learn could open new materials, more connections, and exciting places to dance!

You might meet an instructor who can teach you how to dance or sign up for a dance class. The more dance styles you learn, the easier it will be to learn new materials. Also, mastering different dance styles will help you become a more confident performer.

Change Things Up

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Instead of learning a new one entirely, why not experiment with the timing so you can create a challenging routine while also learning something new?

A good example would be Salsa, a dance style that comes with different variations. If say, you’ve already mastered Salsa on 1, why not try salsa on 2, learn the Mambo or perhaps, Salsa Rueda? Zouk has two dance styles, Chire and Ballad. If you've already mastered the Ballad form, why not try Chire for a change?

Social dancing offers a unique and wonderful experience, and you can learn from the many different dance styles and grow as a performer!

Get a Proper Latin Dance Shoes


If you have the budget for it, try investing in your first pair of Latin dance shoes, if you haven’t already. Social dancing is not just about socializing and looking good; it’s about spending hours dancing.

And if you want to look and feel your best, regular walking shoes just won’t cut it. You need a proper pair of Latin dance shoes. Unlike traditional walking shoes, Yami dance shoes have features that optimize dancing, including padded insoles, sturdy heel cups, supportive straps, and suede outsoles.

Try Competitive Dancing?

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If you want to take your dance performance up a notch, you could dabble in competitive dancing, showcases, and performances. This is the perfect opportunity to show everyone what you’ve got while also improving your dance skills. The pressure of performing in front of an audience will definitely push you to perform your finest routine while also feeling fulfilled knowing that you will get the recognition you deserve for a job well done. And if you have a dance partner, nothing beats the feeling of sharing the spotlight for a routine that you both worked so hard on.

Join a Dance Group

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If joining a dance competition as a duo seems too intense for you, you can try joining a dance group. If you live in a place with a thriving dance scene, you won’t find any trouble searching and joining a dance group. 

Unlike a performance with a partner, a dance group doesn’t carry as much pressure to win during regular competitions. You’re just there to have fun and share the experience of dancing with other people in the group. Now if you want to join a dance group to compete, that’s another beast entirely. You’d have to sign up for a dance team that’s known to compete in different cities. 

Spend More Time Social Dancing

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If you’ve only been social dancing once or twice per month, why not spend more time dancing socially, like once a week. If you have friends who are into social dancing, make the experience a weekly bonding thing to motivate each other to join such events.

Dancing socially is a fun experience. It’s a great way of meeting people who love Latin dance as much as you do and a great excuse to dress up! Social dance events are also teeming with professional dancers. These people are serious about social dancing, so if you’re trying to level up your performance, you will meet the right people at these events.

Just be sure to wear the right shoes for social dancing. Forget about regular shoes; your feet will feel sore and painful after a round of Mambo. Invest in proper Latin dance shoes like Yami dance shoes. Yami dance shoes feature padded insoles that absorb peak impact so you can dance the night away without pain!

Take a Dance Class

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You can sign up for an online or offline dance class or musicality workshop to get proper training in various dance disciplines. Look for a professional dancer who offers such workshops and give it a try. Most dance classes do not last longer than an hour, so you can squeeze a class in during your free time. You can go for a group dance class or an online one-on-one class; it’s really up to you.

Try Role Reversal

Give an old routine a fresh spin by trying a role reversal dance. If you’ve always practiced as the lead, try doing it as a follower and vice versa.

Practicing role reversal makes you a better dancer because it provides a deeper understanding of dancers’, roles as a leader and follower. You’ll understand how important the timing and body positions are in a dance when you’ve experienced dancing as a lead and as a follower.

Lots of studios offer role reversal classes. In these classes, men could play the follower’s part and women could play the leader’s part. You can also sign up for a one-on-one class. Learning a non-traditional role makes the routine fresher and more exciting, even for an experienced dancer.

Go to a Dance Festival!

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A dance festival is as fun as it sounds. It’s essentially a huge dance event where professional and non-professional dancers from all over the country meet, connect, and share their passion for Latin dance. Usually, the event takes place in cities with colorful dance scenes like Miami, New York, LA, or in different regions of Latin America! 

Attending a dance congress is a terrific way of meeting professional dancers, competitive dancers, and regular folks who just want to dance and have fun. It’s like a big dance party so don’t forget to bring your favorite pair of Latin dance shoes + some essentials. Here are some items to pack for a dance festival.

As you can see, there are many ways of reinventing your usual dance routines to make it exciting again. Whenever you’re feeling like being stuck in a dance rut, try any of these tips. 

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