Strappy Latin Shoes VS Lace-Up Dance Shoes: Which Bachata Dance Shoes to Get?


Social dancing is fun, a way to express yourself through your style and dance moves! But with so many types of Bachata dance shoes to choose from, it’s hard to stick to a specific style.

Here at Yami’s, two Latin dance shoes that continuously sold out are our strappy and lace-up Latin dance shoes. They have their pros and cons, so we thought we’d compare the two to help you choose the comfy dance shoes that suit your style. Let’s dig in:

Strappy Latin Dance Shoes

Our strappy Latin dance shoes feature skinny yet durable straps that can be adjusted easily, thanks to our unique ankle closures. The straps anchor the feet to keep you perfectly balanced with every step. Also, the stylish straps make any outfit look good!

Sexy design: Our strappy social dance shoes are made to be seen! Wear it with your LBD or cocktail dress for a sexy, stylish look. The skinny straps give the illusion of narrower feet. 

Leg-lengthening: Bare your legs with confidence! Our Bachata strappy heels give the illusion of longer legs for an attractive silhouette. Wear it with jeans or a dress; it doesn’t matter. Our comfortable Latin dance shoes will highlight your best assets!

Best for toe-pointing: For dances with lots of toe-pointing, you simply cannot go wrong with strappy social dance shoes. The look of narrower feet and longer legs perfectly complement toe-pointing, 

Ideal for narrow feet: Although our strappy Latin dance shoes look good regardless of the foot width, it’s ideal for narrow feet just because of how the straps were designed. 

Our Bestselling Strappy Social Dance Shoes



Lightweight and comfortable, our Performer social dance shoes will complement any ensemble. It looks good dressed up or down and super comfy, thanks to the padded insoles! Get it here!


Sexy never looked this comfortable! Our Ariel Pearl and Diamond studded social dance shoes are so easy to wear. The sexy cross-straps help stabilize the feet, while the open-toe design enhances movement for utmost ease and comfort. Get it at a special price here


Soft and flexible yet durable and resilient, the Proflex social dance shoes can keep up with those tight twists and turns. The uppers are made from luxurious satin in the richest colors. Go for the copper colorway for a pop of color or the studded black to dazzle the audience!

Black Swirl

Love chunky straps? The Black Swirl features thicker straps that anchor the feet to the shoe bed so you can perform those fancy footwork without losing your balance. The skinny ankle straps add a dash of sexiness to your overall look! Get the Black Swirl at a special discount here.

Lace-Up Latin Dance Shoes

Lace-up dance shoes feature a classic lace-up design on the front. Ours are made with stretchy laces to fit wide and narrow feet alike. Adjusting the fit is a breeze, and you can slip the social dance shoes on and off. Some models feature back zippers, which are crafted from quality hardware.

Perfect Fit: Adjust the fit of the shoes through the laces. There are no complicated closures or clasps to worry about. Perfect for quick changes in-between numbers.

Stylish Design: Our lace-up Latin dance shoes come in an array of designs to choose from. One of our most popular lace-up shoe designs is the bootie-style. It’s comfortable and so easy to slip on and off. Best of all, the shoes support the feet and ankle, so you’re always steady on your feet.

Ideal for All Foot Width: Thanks to the adjustable lace-up design, our lace-up dance shoes will suit any foot width. If you have narrow, wide, average foot width, you will find the perfect shoes from our Lace-up Latin dance shoe collection.

Our Bestselling Lace-Up Social Dance Shoes


Lucila B&W

The Lucila Black and White feature a fun, funky aesthetic that will go well with your changing looks. Thick, cage-style straps provide perfect balance, while the sexy straps offer utmost comfort that you simply can't find in other Latin dance shoes. Get the Lucila in Black and White here

Micaela Nude

Wearing nude social dance shoes give the illusion of longer legs. The Micaela Nude is crafted from a neutral kind of nude that will suit most skin tones. The uppers feature a laser-cut design, making the Micaela even more eye-catching than it already is. Slip it on, and you'll instantly notice how comfortable yet stylish the Micaela is! The stretchy criss-cross lace-ups are very easy to adjust and super comfortable. Get the Micaela here

Maggie Dance Bootie Black

We’re convinced that booties make the most comfortable social dance shoes, and Maggie happens to be one of our bestsellers! Maggie features a stylish ankle strap that helps stabilize the feet while dancing. Make those tight turns and twirls without breaking a sweat! The uppers hug the feet like a glove. The lace-up offers a comfortable fit, while the peep-toe offers maximum range of movement. Get the Maggie Bachata bootie in black here.

Celia Silver

If you’re looking for a pair of social dance shoes that are unconventional yet stylish, try the Celia in silver. This model features one of our bestselling designs but in a cool, silver snakeskin print with a multicolor shift. It looks fantastic on the dance floor; it has a light show of its own! The Celia is also comfortable, thanks to its ankle-bootie design. The lace-ups give the perfect fit in a snap. The laser-cut uppers also add to the appeal of the shoes. Get the Celia social dance shoes at a discounted price here.

Strappy Latin Shoes VS Lace-Up Dance Shoes: Which Style Suits You?

When it comes to choosing the style that suits you, it will depend on certain factors such as your personal style, the fit of the shoes, and your outfit too. If you love the look of regular party heels then you can’t go wrong with our strappy Latin dance shoes. These shoes look like regular heels but are made for dancing. 

If you’re all about the fit, get the style that provides better ankle and arch support. Bootie-style lace-ups are the best choice if you want comfy dance shoes with an adjustable fit. Our strappy Latin dance shoes often suit people with narrow or average foot width while the lace-ups are best for all foot widths, including those with wide feet.

Your choice of Latin dance shoe style will also depend on your outfit. If you love wearing cute cocktail dresses, LBDs, or formal dresses, we suggest the strappy Latin dance shoes just because the style is best worn dressed up. The lace-up social dance shoes are best for casual wear, especially the booties paired with short skirts or skinny jeans!

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