Rehearsal Shoes: Do You Need Them?

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You’ve heard of dance shoes and we’ve got them in every conceivable colors and design. But what about rehearsal dance shoes? Are rehearsal shoes the same as dance shoes or are they different? Should you get one? Do you need rehearsal shoes?

Dancing puts a lot of strain on the feet so wearing comfortable footwear is a must. That’s where rehearsal shoes and dance shoes come in. Think of rehearsal shoes as the pajamas to your feet and dance shoes as your little black dress. They are quite different in many ways but they have their similarities too. 

What are Rehearsal Shoes?

As the name implies, rehearsal shoes are footwear designed specifically for dance practice. The shoes often come in a no-frills design and crafted from light materials. The shoes often sport a basic design with a modest heel height. The low heels ensure maximum comfort since rehearsals typically last for several hours. The feet should be as comfortable as possible. Rehearsal shoes are also made from breathable materials like a thin textile or fabric to boost air circulation. The fit is just as snug as your regular dance shoes. 

Are Dance Shoes and Rehearsal Shoes the Same?

No, dance shoes and rehearsal shoes are two very different types of footwear. Dance shoes have suede or microfiber soles, they’re designed specifically for dancing. On the other hand, rehearsal shoes are made specifically for practice. Some practice shoes come with suede or microfiber soles but that’s not the case most times. 

How they’re made, the materials and the design of dance shoes are also different from regular practice shoes. Yami dance shoes, for instance, are carefully crafted with premium materials for a comfortable and snug fit. These shoes come in eye-catching designs to wow the audience while keeping the feet supported and comfortable. We’ve sourced materials in various parts of the world and sought the help of artisans to craft the shoes for you. 

Practice shoes can’t be worn during a performance just because of the way the shoes were designed. These are simply used for practice. Some types of dance shoes, on the other hand, could be worn during a performance or while practicing. We’ll get into this below:

Are Rehearsal Shoes Necessary?

It’s always a good idea to invest in quality dance shoes, even if you’re still practicing. If you are want to become a competitive dancer or a performer then it’s a good idea to invest in practice shoes. And if you have the budget for extra practice shoes then good for you. 

On the other hand, if you are just joining social dances for fun and it’s something that you don’t do frequently, there’s no need to invest in rehearsal shoes. Same thing goes if you don’t have money to spare for practice shoes. You can always use your regular dance shoes for practice. 

A great compromise would be to wear dance shoes that could be worn on any surfaces. Yes, they do exist. Here at Yami, we call them street dance soles. These shoes could be worn on and off the dance floor. They’re comfortable enough to be practice shoes too. 
If you are looking for a pair of practice shoes that pull double duty as performance shoes, try the Black Gator Unisex flats. It’s a gender-neutral pair of flats crafted with supple black leather with stunning alligator embossed details. The insoles are strategically padded so dancing is comfortable on any surface. It has a .25-inch heel so you won't feel any burning pain while dancing for hours.

On the other hand, if you want to train yourself to dance in heels, we suggest getting the Celia booties. The Celia booties come in several colorways, including an all-denim and silver snakeskin! The Celia’s bootie-design means it’s comfortable, secure, and stable. What’s more, the design comes with a street dance soles option so the heels could take you from dinner to dancing whenever. 

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