How are Street Dance Soles Different from Regular Dance Shoes

Ever wish you can wear your dance shoes to events other than social dances? Wouldn’t it be convenient to get a pair of dance shoes that could also be worn to the club or dinner? 

Most dance shoes should only be worn on the dance floor because the soles are made from suede or microfiber. If you wear these shoes outside, the soles will be destroyed within seconds! Sure, you can always pack a pair of street shoes or walking shoes after dancing but if you’re packing light, it would be inconvenient to bring an extra pair of shoes.
That’s where street dance soles come in. 

Here at Yami Shoes, we’re all about improving your dancing journey and if bringing an extra pair of walking shoes is too taxing, here’s a great solution: why not choose the street dance soles option? Some dancers would often have their favorite shoes re-soled with rubber outsoles to dance on different surfaces. That’s not necessary with our street soles.

Some of our shoes come with a street dance soles option. Instead of smooth microfiber, the shoes feature grippy, flexible outsoles called street dance soles. What’s so great about street dance soles is that it lets you dance on virtually all surfaces. 

Why Choose Street Dance Soles

Comfortable Wear

One of the reasons why regular walking shoes are so painful to wear while dancing is that the soles aren’t as flexible. These shoes aren’t made for dancing so the material is quite rigid. And in some cases, the outsoles could break from too much dancing! 

Dance shoes with street dance soles are designed to move with you. The material is flexible and optimized for a full range of movement. And combined with our padded insoles, you can bet that Yami street dance soles feel like a cloud on your feet!

Made for Dancing

How many suede or microfiber soles have you ruined after dancing for hours? If you’re addicted to social dancing (we can’t blame you!) and you’ve ruined a couple of dance shoes because of it then perhaps you need a pair that could take a beating! 

Yami shoes with street dance soles are made for dancing. The flexible outsoles offer total freedom of movement without breaking. The outsoles have enough grip so you can spin, turn, glide, or do the cha cha cha on any surface without slipping while also tough enough for everyday wear. Also, the street dance soles absorb peak impact but they’re not too thick that you’re losing connection to the dance floor. 


Some people don’t mind packing an extra pair of shoes during social dances but if you find this inconvenient and wish that your dancing shoes could be worn anywhere other than the dance floor then street dance soles will be the better fit, literally and figuratively.

With street dance soles, you can finally pack light. The shoes could be worn indoors and outdoors. The resin sole is grippy enough to let you perform every turn flawlessly while also tough enough to take on rough surfaces. And with fewer things to pack, you can enjoy a night of dancing without worrying if you’ve ruined yet another pair of dance shoes because you didn’t change into your regular shoes. 

Yami Street Dance Soles

Our collection of street dance soles is pretty varied. We have the Celia, the Black Gator, and the Carbonado Black Diamond models.

The Celia is one of our bestselling booties, it comes in four different styles - the all-black, the copper faux leather, the denim, and faux snakeskin. 

What’s so great about the Celia booties is that it’s comfortable as it is because of the bootie-style and with the added street dance soles, the wear gets even better. If you’re not used to wearing heels or you’re getting there, we highly suggest getting the Celia. 

If you’re looking for a pair of flats, we suggest getting the Carbonado Black Diamond. This model is a part of a collab project between Yami and Andrea Arenas aka Ace Fusion. We’re always looking for inspirations everywhere and Ace Fusion’s amazing dance skills and smooth moves have been on our radar for the longest time.

We had fun piecing together the Carbonado flats. The model comes in a unisex design and in two colorways: Red Fire and Black Diamond. The Red Fire comes with suede outsoles while the Black Diamond comes with street dance soles. We love both designs but if you want a pair of flashy flats that you can wear anywhere, the choice is obvious. 

On the other hand, if you’re all about subtlety, get the Black Gator Unisex Dance Shoe Flats. The Black Gator features a slip-on style with uppers crafted with supple leather uppers. The leather material features an embossed alligator print, which adds pizzazz to any outfit. The flexible street outsoles let you dance in comfort for hours. 

Street Dance Soles or Microfiber Soles?

So between street dance soles and microfiber soles, which one should you get? The choice depends entirely on what you need in a pair of Yami dance shoes. If you’re looking for all-around performance shoes that pull double duty as a regular pair of shoes you can wear at special events, choose the street dance soles. On the other hand, if you want a great pair of shoes that are strictly made for the dance floor, choose a pair of Yami dance shoes with microfiber soles. 

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