Dance Shoes: Why Quality is Everything

Dance shoes come in hundreds of designs but the one thing that sets some dance footwear apart from the others is the quality. Some dance shoes are better than others. And just like any product, you’ll get exactly what you pay for. 

Why Quality Matters 

Cheap dance shoes are made from cheap materials that do not meet industry standards. You think you’ll be saving a few dollars by going the cheap route but this will only end up being the more expensive choice. 

You see, cheap shoes tend to wear out much more quickly than high-quality dance shoes. If you’re attending rehearsals and dance events regularly, it’s only a matter of time before the shoes break. That’s because the components of cheap dance shoes wear out much faster. The same thing can be said for the craftsmanship, it’s cheaply made and mass-produced. In the end, you have no choice but to spend more money on a fresh pair every time your cheap shoes break. 

Buying high-quality shoes may seem expensive at first but in the end, you’ll be rewarded with durability, comfort, and fine craftsmanship. That’s because the shoes are designed and manufactured by shoe specialists for maximum protection from foot pain, discomforts, and injuries. 

Here are more reasons why you should prioritize quality when shopping around for dance shoes:

Foot Health

The feet are a dancer’s most used body parts and it makes sense to take care of the feet for better performance. High-quality dance shoes are designed specifically to improve foot health. These shoes are ergonomically designed to prevent discomfort, pain, or injuries. The design also minimizes the risk of foot deformities such as hammertoe and bunions, even plantar fasciitis.

Cheap dance shoes are often mass-produced so the shape and quality aren’t optimized for better foot health. They do not provide ample support nor correct the posture. Worse, cheap shoes may contribute to the deterioration of a dancer’s foot health. If you want to become a professional dancer then you’ll need to invest in the right gears otherwise, you risk injuring your feet.


attractive but if a pair of dance shoes couldn’t last for more than several months, are you really getting the most out of your money? Cheap shoes are inexpensive because the materials are sub-par, cheap, and weak. Buying a pair of cheap dance shoes will require frequent replacements so you end up paying more for low-quality shoes. 

High-quality shoes are pricier because these shoes are made to last. Dancing can be tough on the feet and you need a pair of shoes that could take a beating. Sure, the initial investment is a little steep compared to a cheap pair but in the end, you will save more money because high-quality dance shoes do not require frequent replacements at all. Also, you won’t spend as much money on repairs. As long as you are taking care of your dance shoes, they will last for years. 


Mass-produced shoes aren’t comfortable because of the low-quality components. The cheap materials wear quickly, which can be problematic if you have a certain foot condition. 

For example, if your feet have high arches but the dance shoes do not give ample support to the arches, foot pain and fatigue will set in quickly and this will affect your performance. If the footbed only comes with a thin cushion, the surface of the foot won’t be smooth and flat, something that might distract you while dancing. The stiffness of the bonded material could be too abrasive on the skin, causing painful blisters, calluses, and cuts.

In some cases, cheap shoes’ sizing is off because the shoes themselves are not following the industry standards. As you can imagine, the feet will suffer if the fit is not right. 

High-quality dance shoes are not only made with durable materials, these are also designed to boost comfort. Take our Yami dance shoes for instance. We’ve worked with shoe specialists to determine the best places to add the cushions. We’ve got artisans handcrafting our shoes to bring out the best in your performance. Yami dance shoes were designed to provide protection and comfort to your feet at all times. Also, our shoes come in a variety of widths, heel heights, and styles so there is something for everyone!


One of the factors that set fine-quality shoes apart from mass-produced shoes is the craftsmanship. Cheap dance shoes are made with weak materials that are only held by glue or poor stitching. There are no artisans who are painstakingly crafting the shoes by hand, overseeing that the quality of each pair meets the industry standards. 

Cheap dance shoes aren’t made to address the specific needs of the wearer. The sizing, material, and style are generic. That’s one of the reasons why they’re inexpensive and uncomfortable. 

Unlike mass-produced shoes, every aspect of high-quality dance shoes, including the components, are lovingly inspected, selected, and handcrafted. The finished product is also checked to ensure that they adhere to the quality standards of the brand. Our shoes are crafted by some of the best shoemakers in the world. These artisans spent years perfecting their techniques and you will feel the difference whenever you slip into a pair of Yami dance shoes. 


As a dancer, your performance is at its best when your feet are comfortable and pain-free. A great pair of shoes should give you the support you need to execute those fancy footwork. And the kind of support that cheap shoes give isn't enough to make dancing comfortable. 

The low-grade material, the generic design, and the weak structure aren't made for a show-stopping performance. The poor stitching, stiff material, and weak structure could also increase the risk of injuries while dancing.

Stability, balance, arch support, forefoot support, these are the things that you pay for in a pair of well-made, well-designed dance shoes. You need a pair of dance shoes with strategic padding for optimal arch support. The structure of the shoes should be strong because the feet will take the brunt of the impact while dancing. Apart from providing support and a strong structure, fine quality shoes also spread the bodyweight evenly so that the pressure isn’t solely concentrated on the balls of the feet. 


This is perhaps the most important factor that sets cheap dance shoes apart from high-quality dance shoes, the safety. Cheap dance shoes are mass-produced without much regard for foot health and safety. The sub-par materials along with the poor structure and hastily assembled body do affect the stability of the shoes. Apart from the short and/or uncomfortable wear, cheap shoes could turn wobbly in the most inopportune moment, causing accidents and injuries. Painful and poor wear could also lead to certain foot conditions, like bunions, which may require surgery to correct.

You pay more for fine-quality shoes because these shoes are designed with your safety in mind. The way that the shoes were structured is meant to minimize peak impact, provide support where needed, and alleviate pain or discomfort that could eventually lead to foot injuries such as plantar fasciitis. 

Here at Yami, our shoes feature strategically-placed cushions that add a layer of support and safety for your feet. With every step, you’re confident that your Yami dance shoes could keep up with your routine, no matter how complex.


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