4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Latin Dance Shoes

Dancing can be a life-long passion for some and a hobby for others. But regardless if you are a professional dancer or an occasional social dancer, you will feel a difference in your performance when you’re wearing a pair of dance shoes. This goes especially if you are into Latin dance, which involves lots of twirling, sliding, and spinning! 

So why are Latin dance shoes so important and why we think you should invest in a pair? Consider these reasons:

They’re Made for Dancing

The feet are the dancer’s most crucial body part and wearing the wrong kind of shoes could lead to minor to severe injuries of the foot or a

nkle. Dance shoes are made for dancing, the components are designed specifically to optimize every dance move, be it twirling, sliding, twisting, and high flying lifts on the dance floor.

For instance, Yami dance shoes have smooth microfiber soles that let you execute the most complex dance routines with ease. The straps are designed to keep the feet steady even when you’re dancing in heels. The built-in cushions absorb peak impact so you can dance 4 times longer than regular heels. 

Better Performance

When you’re dancing, the last thing you want to think about is your shoes breaking or coming undone in the middle of a performance. Dancing shoes have a snug fit that molds to your feet for optimized performance. These shoes are light, flexible, and a joy to wear s

o you can focus on the thing that matters the most: honing your dance skills!

We don’t recommend wearing regular walking shoes because the soles tend to be grippy. If the soles are too grippy, you cannot perform the twisting, sliding, and turning very well. You might end up tripping all over the dance floor, increasing the risk of foot or ankle injury.

Also, regular shoes are made for walking, not dancing, so wearing these instead of Latin dance shoes might feel uncomfortable or downright painful - all of which affects your performance as a dancer. Dance shoes move with you, allowing total freedom of movement without pain and fatigue. 


Just like any sport, dancing increases the risk of injuries. And just like professional athletes, professional dancers need safety gears to protect themselves on the dance floor. Injuries are inevitable but it can be avoided with the right gears. 

Latin dance demands complex footwor

k in a frenetic pace and there’s always the risk of suffering an injury while dancing. Think of Latin dance shoes as a dancer’s safety gear, they protect the dancer’s feet from injuries while dancing. 

Dancing shoes are flexible enough to let the dancer execute every dance move while protecting the feet, ankle, and leg from injuries. The components are not only designed to optimize dancing, they’re also meant to support the feet and ankles for your safety.


What good is a pair of beautiful shoes if every step feels like fire on your feet? Comfort is one of the most important factors that every dancer should consider when buying a pair of dance shoes.

Have you ever tried dancing with the wrong kind of shoes? Regular shoes are often clunky and they pinch in places that hurt the feet. The discomfort may be minor but it will definitely show in one’s performance.

You want Latin dance shoes that look good in any outfit, one that flatters your form while also alleviating common pains and discomforts associated with dancing - forefoot pressure, painful arches, leg fatigue, blisters, minor cuts, and so on. 

The bottom line is, a pair of dancing shoes will help you dance properly without the pain, blisters, or injury. 

Final Thoughts

Dance shoes are made for dancing and the styles are in line with the industry standards. As a dancer, putting a great show starts with the right dancing shoes! Here at Yami, we made sure that each pair offers the quality and comfort that you deserve. The padded insoles alleviate pain while the flexible, soft materials do not require breaking in. When you need dancing shoes, it’s gotta be Yami’s!





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Great article! As softer soled shoes are indeed optimum for safety and comfort, they do require some simple maintenance so don’t forget to read up on how to maintain your shoes.


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