Team Discounts

Yami Dance Shoes offers discounts to all teams. We are willing to work with you and your team to select existing designs and change them to specific team colors. Or depending on the quantity needed we can customize designs. Please note, that if you are interested in a specific color palette/custom designs there is a 5-8 week lead time needed.
The amount of the discount depends on the number of shoes that you will purchase.

The discount levels are as follows:

5-10 Pairs of Shoes = 10%
11-15 Pairs of Shoes = 15%
16 or more Pairs of Shoes = 20%

The following restrictions and rules apply:

  1. Orders must be placed by the Director of the team under the Director’s own account.
  2. Discount may not be transferred to another team or non-team member.
  3. Orders must consist of the same style of shoe for men and the same for women.
  4. Discount only applies to shoes and not for other products.
  5. Shoes cannot be purchased for non-team members.
  6. Discounts only apply to online purchases. 
  7. Shipping fees apply.
  8. Can not mix team discounts with other promotional discounts.

To apply for a team discount, please complete the form below.

Once the request is received we will contact you immediately.