Yami Dance Shoes Straps! Which One to Get

Finding the perfect pair of Bachata dance shoes is much like finding THE one. You’ll go through many Latin dance shoes before finding the one that fits your feet perfectly. Thankfully, finding the right pair of comfy dance shoes is SO easy here at Yami’s because all of our Latin dance shoes are designed specifically for comfort… and style! 

Now, we have a full collection of booties, strappy heels, flats -- you name it. You have your favorites but have you ever thought about the straps? What are the different straps that we offer and which ones are the right choices for you? Let’s dig right in:

Ankle Strap

This is a classic strap design in which thin straps wrap around the ankles. There are two styles of shoes that feature ankle straps, the basic one, and the wrap-around ankle strap. The basic ankle strap features a strap that connects one side of the heel cup to the other. The strap is held by a loop at the back of the heel. Not the most supportive but definitely the most ubiquitous of all shoe straps.

The second type of ankle strap wraps around the ankles and the base is set on the side of the heel cup. This strap style provides better support and stability than the basic ankle strap because it anchors the feet on the shoes. 

All of our shoes feature wrap-around ankle straps for better support. If you need more support, we highly suggest going for Zouk dance shoes that come with thicker ankle straps. 

Try these styles:

Black Swirl Bachata dance shoes


Also known as the T-bar strap, the T-strap features an ankle strap with a middle strap that connects to the toe of the shoes. This is a great choice if you’re new to social dancing because the T-strap prevents the shoes from sliding forward when dancing. Also, the extra strap that runs in the middle helps reduce the pressure from the ankle strap, letting you move freely without tightness. 

Generally, T-strap is very supportive but it’s important that the Latin dance shoes are flexible to make toe-pointing comfortable. The straps tend to pull whenever you stretch the feet, something that matters more if you’re a competitive dancer or a performer and less if you’re simply using the shoes for social dancing. 


If you’re one of our regular customers then you’re probably familiar with the X-strap. Most of our Bachata dance shoes and Zouk dance shoes feature X-straps or a combination of ankle and X straps for added foot security and comfort. 

The X-strap features two thin straps in a criss-cross style to anchor the feet on the footbed. This strap provides utmost support and comfort + coverage than your average ankle strap because the two crisscrossed straps hold the feet firmly. The straps are studier and they cover a wide area of the foot so the support is fabulous. 

The X-strap is highly recommended for new dancers or those who are still not used to wearing heels because it’s one of the most supportive strap styles for Bachata dance shoes and/or Zouk dance shoes. It’s also a great strap choice for dances that come with complex footwork. If you’re prone to “rolling” your ankle in heels, this is a good strap design to get. 

Performer Bachata dance shoes

Try these styles:

Double X-Strap 

What’s better than a pair of Bachata dance heels with X-straps? A pair of Bachata dance shoes with double the X-straps, of course! 

As the name implies, this strap style features four skinny straps in a criss-cross design. It’s a great alternative to dancers who love the look of lace-up Latin dance shoes but want to try something different. Since there are more crisscross straps, you can bet that the support and stability are doubled too. However, if the straps are fitted too snugly, pointing the toes can be a bit troublesome. 

Ankle Strap + X-Strap

This is a hybrid strap style that features a traditional ankle strap and criss-cross strap. What’s so great about this style is that the straps hold the feet firmly on the shoes, allowing you to dance with ease and comfort. You don’t have to worry about the shoe sliding off when you’re at the club because the straps are pretty secure. The design is also sexy and versatile. They’ll look fabulous regardless if you’re dressed up or down. Our Olguita line features this stylish strap style!

Try these styles:

And there you have it, some of the most popular shoe strap styles for Latin dance shoes. As you can see, the straps add to the overall comfort and stability of the shoes when worn. Our comfy dance shoes are different because apart from the sturdy straps, our insoles minimize peak impact with every step. This way, you can dance longer in comfort. But don’t take our word for it, check out our latest collection and snag a pair of Yami dance shoes today!

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