When to Replace Your Dance Shoes

With proper care, high quality dance shoes should last for a long time. But if you’re a professional dancer or a performer, you may have to replace your dance shoes faster than someone who joins socials occasionally. And for professional dancers, most attend dance classes regularly and that means they need a pair of shoes that could withstand the daily abuse. 

The thing is, most dancers do not want to replace their shoes unless the said shoes are almost falling apart. This is understandable, old, worn-out dance shoes are the most comfortable. 

When to Replace Your Dance Shoes

When there’s obvious fraying

Ladies’ dance shoes tend to break down much more quickly than men’s dance shoes. And dance shoes crafted from delicate materials like satin won’t last very long compared to hardier leather and faux leather dance shoes. If your satin dance shoes are showing signs of fraying on the upper or sides of the shoes then you need to replace them. If the fraying is bad enough that discoloration is showing through, you definitely need a fresh pair of satin dance shoes.

When it’s starting to lose its shape

Does it feel like your once trusty dancing shoes have gone too soft? Like they’re no longer molding to your feet the way they used to and you don’t feel like they’re giving your feet the support needed to dance properly, you need to replace your worn-out dance shoes with new ones. If your old dance shoes are losing their shape, you shouldn’t use them at all because the risk of injury is just too great. 

The structure of the shoes is deteriorating

Worn out dancing shoes, especially Latin dance shoes with high heels, have a weaker structure that could cause muscle strain, leg fatigue, and in some cases, injuries. Latin dance shoes with high heels can be quite dangerous to wear when the structure has deteriorated. The heels could turn wobbly, the arches may no longer be supported, and eventually, all these changes lead to tendon strains, ankle sprain, or even micro-fractures in the bones of the feet. 

The straps are coming undone

The straps are some of the most important parts of a dance shoe. They hold the feet when the shoes are worn for stability. Also, you can tighten or loosen the fit by adjusting the straps, which is important when you’re a dancer because the dance shoes must always have a snug fit. But if the straps are wearing down, if these could no longer hold your feet when wearing the shoes or if they have snapped, you need a fresh pair of strappy dance shoes.  

The leather/faux leather material is tearing from the deep creases

It’s normal for leather and faux leather material to form creases as you wear the shoes. The constant movement leaves permanent marks on the leather and faux leather shoes. But as the years go by, the creases deepen from wear and tear. Eventually, the material softens enough to break. If there are obvious signs of leather tears, it's time to replace your dancing shoes. 

The insoles are coming apart

Just like the tearing of the leather material, it’s normal for old, worn-out shoes to have a bit of sole separation from the shoe. The adhesive that glues these components together might lose its integrity from everyday wear and tear. If the insole is starting to come apart if the soles are bending, losing their shape, or are slowly disintegrating, consider getting a new pair of dance shoes.

Cheap VS High-Quality Dance Shoes

Dance shoes are the kind of investments that pay for themselves and you will get exactly what you pay for. Shoes made with cheap materials won’t last very long. If you’re shopping for dance shoes that will last you through years of rehearsals, socials, or performances, get the highest quality dance shoes you can afford.

Here at Yami Shoes, we use the highest quality materials and stick to strict manufacturing standards to create high quality dance shoes. We’re also home to artisans who are committed to elevating the standards of dance shoes. From the material right down to the color, each one is handpicked by our design team. With proper care, Yami dance shoes will last you years of spinning, twirling, sliding, and twisting on the dance floor! 


We’re proud of our shoes’ quality and we’re sure that you will love our dance shoes as much as we do! When it’s time to upgrade your dance shoes, you’re welcome to explore our vast collection of Yami dance shoes online.

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