What's Your Salsa Personality?

Salsa dancing, it’s habit-forming because it’s fun. It’s even more fun when you’re joining social dances and meeting new people. It could be the music, the crowd, the routines, but salsa dancing is one amazing experience that virtually anyone could join and enjoy. 

And when you’re feeling the music and the vibe, it almost transforms you into a different person once you hit the dance floor! Which brings us to today’s question: what’s your salsa personality? 

Different people have different reasons for dancing the salsa. Some do it for fun, others do it to perform. For us average folks, salsa dancing is all about meeting new people, letting the music take over, and enjoying the scene. And if you join these kinds of dances on a fairly regular basis, you might come across people who have certain personality types. And if you're curious to see what kind of salsa personality you have then you came to the right place!

The Social Butterfly

Everybody in the social dance scene knows him because he’s a fixture on most socials. He loves to dance, loves to meet new people, and he treats every social dance event like a party. In short, the social butterfly is more focused on socializing as opposed to the actual dancing. He likes the lifestyle but the dancing itself, he’s not keen on mastering the moves.

You see him attending these socials for years and years yet his dance level hasn't improved all that much. And when he starts dating someone new, he’ll disappear from the face of the earth without a trace, reappearing only when he’s back on the market. 

The Dance Junkie

He’s all about the artistry, the form, the music. He lives and breathes salsa dance and he’s been refining his dance skills ever since salsa overtook his life years before. He's not interested in other genres, the Salsa dance junkie refuses to listen to other music.

He loves salsa and continues to challenge himself to push his dance skills to the next level! He performs his dance moves beyond the dance floor (executing spins and twirls with his imaginary dance partner anywhere when the mood strikes) and always feeling Latin music in his soul. He’s a great dancer, no doubt, because he’s all about the salsa life.

The Showman

The Showman loves salsa with every fiber of his being. He’s all about wowing guests with his dance moves. He knows his routine like the back of his hand, treating every dance floor as his own personal stage. Each performance is a dance of a lifetime and he revels in the attention he gets from every “show.” 

He’s flashy, he’s competitive, and he’s got a big personality. The showman wants all the attention to his performance and he does not like sharing the dance floor. That’s why he rarely goes to socials where the spotlight is ever elusive.

The Dreamer

The dreamer has a vision and he’s committed to making it a reality - something that’s not always workable… or possible. The dreamer could be the DJ who pushes the dancers to explore other Latin dance genres whether they like it or not or the promoter who wants to maximize his or her profits by getting different types of dancers to the event in a bid to inspire people to participate. 

No matter what kind of dreamer you are, every event takes careful planning. Having the perfect scenario in mind and fighting hard to make it a reality is good but without proper planning, you might not achieve the desired results. Before trying something new, make sure it’s well-planned. And it’s futile to please everyone so a dreamer should develop a thick skin to brush aside complaints. 

Salsa dance brings different people together to form one amazing community. Each attendee has different reasons for attending socials and other dancing events so it’s important to get to know these personalities to make the experience pleasant for everyone. So what kind of salsa personality do you have? Sound off in the comments section!

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