What are the Benefits of Buying Social Dance Shoes Online?

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With many people preferring to spend more time at home, online shopping has become the most preferred way of buying pretty much anything. And that includes social dance shoes!

Unlike regular shoes, social dance shoes are designed to fit the feet like a glove. The fit is a little snug for maximum contact with the floor. This helps the feet make those dazzling dance moves without missing a beat. Dance shoes are designed that way to make them an extension of the feet. 

How to check your size for Yami dance shoes

Here at Yami’s dance shoes, our goal is to provide the best-fitting dance shoes for you. But because of the way Latin dance shoes fit the feet, it’s tricky to get the right size. When checking your shoe size, one thing to remember is to never compare the sizing to social dance shoes from different brands.

The size between shoe brands varies greatly, and if you’re comparing Yami dance shoes with sizes from different brands, you might end up ordering the wrong size. To save yourself the hassle of returning the shoes, it’s best to go with the size of your regular walking shoes. Use a tape measure to get the precise measurement. Our shoes are true to size, but for those with wide or narrow feet, you’ll get better results this way. 

Benefits of Buying Social Dance Shoes Online


Buying social dance shoes online takes less time than doing the shopping in person. It’s less tiring too! Think about it, going to the shoe store means driving to the mall or taking public transport. You have to work for hours, checking and comparing shoes from store to store. You’ll be tempted to buy more things the longer you stay in the mall, like snacks and other goods. 

When shopping at home, you’re more focused on getting the item you need instead of getting products that only caught your fancy. You don’t have to drive all the way to the store; just go to the website, and in seconds, you’re ready to shop. Browse the collection, see what’s new, choose the shoes you like, and a few clicks later, shopping’s done! You got the shoes that you need without spending more than you should, all within minutes!

No pressure

How many times have you felt pressured by the SA to buy more than just their shoes? Too many to count, right? That’s part of the store’s push to squeeze more sales out of their customers. It’s an effective strategy, too but for customers, the unnecessary pressure to buy more often leads to buyer’s remorse. 

When shopping online, no sales rep will pressure you to get more items. You can choose the product you like and then hit the checkout button in seconds. You have more time to compare different shoe styles without the SA popping in and out, checking what items you’re putting on your bag. 
Great prices

Because online stores deal with little overhead costs, the dance shoes being sold are more affordable than those at the mall. Quality is so much better too! What’s more, most online shoe stores like Yami dance shoes offer seasonal sales, flash sales, and other online exclusives. You’ll get more bang from your buck if you do your social dance shoe shopping online. 

Compare rates

If you want to get the most out of your money, we suggest buying shoes online. Apart from avoiding pressure from sales reps, buying shoes online lets you compare rates for as long as you like. You can check out different stores to see which brands offer the best deals. Even when you’re a loyal Yami dance shoes customer, you can compare rates on our website and score even more discounts. All the infos you need are laid out for you to read and understand, and you can take as much time as you need before making a decision. And if the shoes do not fit, you can always return them as long as the return terms are met. 


What could be more convenient than doing your shopping in the comforts and privacy of your own home? You can shop for your dance shoes wherever you are as long as you have a stable connection and a mobile device. That’s not something you can do when buying shoes in person. Apart from being convenient, it’s also a safe way to get your favorite dance shoes. 

People are spending more time indoors because of the pandemic. The number of people buying dance shoes online will only continue to grow as we do most of our shopping online. If you are on the hunt for the perfect social dance shoes, you can check out our latest collection here

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