Valentines is Coming Up, How About These Red-Hot Latin Dance Shoes?

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With the uncertainty that the global health crisis brought behind us, let’s focus on positivity this 2021! Valentine's day is just around the corner and all of our comfy Latin dance shoes make the perfect gift! Of course, there’s nothing like red heels to make the heart flutter so why not capture the essence of the love month by gifting your ladylove a pair of quality Latin dance shoes? 

If you’re still figuring out what red shoes to get your date, here are our recommendations:

Red Hot Satin

Red Hot Satin Latin dance shoes

A sexy pair of heels is all you need to jazz up an outfit. Whether you're dressed up or down, our hot red satin dance shoes will elevate your look in a snap. This strappy number features an open-toe design so you can dance up a storm and enjoy full-range of movement. The thin, elastic straps hold the ankles firmly, boosting balance while the durable heels and soft, padded insoles provide amazing support. The smooth as silk satin material is eye-catching so all eyes are on you every time you hit the dance floor!

Chantel Red & Gold LU

Chantel Latin dance shoes

When you want to make a statement, you can count on our Chantel booties to elevate your stage presence. It’s one of our hottest selling Latin dance shoes for a reason! Ultra comfortable, sturdy, and perfectly balanced, the Chantel provides better support with its bootie-style design. The cage-style straps are eye-catching with its high-shine gold color. The color combination is so rich, it adds sultriness to an outfit with the flash of skin. The straps let you adjust the fit in a snap - perfect for quick changes in between numbers. Suffice it to say, the Chantel Red and Gold lace up booties are one of our most stylish yet comfy dance shoes, we promise!

Red Fire Carbonado Unisex Flats

Red Fire Cabarano Latin dance shoes

The perfect shoes for him and for her, the Red Fire Carbonado Unisex flats are a glittering splendor for the feet. Crafted with soft leather sprinkled with crimson “diamonds,” these lace-up flats are as stylish as can be but also very practical if you want a great alternative to regular dance heels. These flats also feature our super soft padded insoles that absorb peak impact, ensuring a comfortable, snug fit without the pain! The adjustable laces allows you to customize the fit or make quick changes in between performances. The best part? The shoes are up for grabs at a special price. If you go to our website today, you can save more than 20 bucks on the Red Fire Carbonado Unisex Flats.

Maggie Open Toe Dance Bootie Burgundy

Latin dance shoes Melody

The best booties for full support, the Maggie Open Toe Dance Bootie comes in a striking yet versatile burgundy red colorway. The booties are made from a combination of faux suede and faux textured leather accented by a single buckled strap. The zipper closure at the back allows you to customize the fit of the shoes quickly. The elastic straps that transverse in the middle of the shoes move with you to ensure perfect support. The sexy peep-toe design highlights toe pointing for an attractive silhouette. 

Melody Rouge

Latin dance shoes Melody Rouge

Rounding up our list of red-hot Latin dance shoes you can gift to a loved one this Valentine’s day is Melody Rouge. Get this, our Melody rouge is not only stylish, it’s also super comfy. It’s like, you’re not wearing heels at all! 

The Melody rouge is quite unique with its white and red colorway. The heels - which you can get in flared or stiletto style - is white while the uppers are in dazzling metallic red with sexy mesh detail. The uppers hug the feet like a glove, boosting stability so you're perfectly balanced on your feet. The peep-toe design and crisscross pattern gives a peek of the skin, adding sultriness to any outfit.

Nothing like going on a social dance event to celebrate Valentine’s day in style. Gifting your ladylove or loved one with any of these shoes is sure to make your date even more memorable. What’s your favorite? Sound off below in the comments section!

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