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Do the Balls of your feet and heel hurt after Dancing?

Ball of Foot and heel pains are the most common complaint from dancers who wear their heels through practice, performances and Socials.

Many dance shoe  companies boast about their quality, fashion and comfort. Unfortunately they seem to miss the mark on comfort.  

There hasn’t been one social event that we haven't been to where the ladies are sitting down to rest their feet do to pain or soreness. Ive experienced next day foot aches. Its not Fun! 

Foot aches on the heels  and balls of your feet is such a common problem. That an entire industry is created around it. Everything from Gel - Foam padding are available for you to purchase. At outrages prices when you think about what you have already payed for your Dance Shoes.

I always wondered, if foot pain  is so common, why isn't this being addressed by dance shoe manufacturers? Why haven't they addressed this issue.

That’s when we had an epiphany!

If athletes wear padding to protect themselves, so should the dancers.


Yami Dance Shoe Mantra!

Dance Shoes should be Fashionable! 

Dance Shoes should be made of High Quality! 
MOST IMPORTANTLY,  Dance Shoes Should be padded for Extra Comfort.

That’s the reason we created Yami Dance Shoes. It is our goal to truly add comfort in every dance shoe. The dancers feet is our top priority.

Yami Dance Shoe Cushions!

During the manufacturing process of our Yami Dance Shoes, an  additional 4mm Heel Cushion is built on top of the insole padding.

We also include 4mm of additional cushion over the insole padding in the front area under the balls of your feet.

The Yami Cushions will add comfort to the areas of your feet that are under the most pressure when dancing in heels.

Think of the Yami  Dance Shoe Cushions as pillows for your feet!

No more needing to take a  break when your favorite song comes on because your feet are sore. Now you can dance the night away without the next day foot aches!

It is our goal to manufacture the most comfortable dance shoe and to keep innovating  in this area..

We look forward to hearing from you as we work to innovate and improve our products.

Thank You!

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I am looking for a comfort padded sole practice dance shoe (as well as performance shoe) with as thick padding as I can get, as low a heel as possible (1”?) and in size narrow. Can you make a shoe like that?
Thanks in advance


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