Street Dance Soles: The Dance Shoes that Keeps Up with Your Busy Lifestyle

The thing with traditional Latin dance shoes is that they come with suede or faux leather outsoles. The soft outsoles allow you to make those breathtaking turns and spins. The material grips the surface perfectly so you can glide and slide without slipping. 

Of course, since the material is soft and delicate, you can’t use your dance shoes for much else other than dancing. And for most of us, we tend to pack an extra pair of walking shoes to change. That’s not a problem in most cases but admit it, you’ve always longed for a pair of dance shoes that you can use for events other than social dancing. That’s exactly why we’ve developed an innovative new shoe design, the street dance soles! 

What are Street Dance Soles?

Street dance soles are dance shoes you can wear to social dances and non-dance events. These are shoes that you can wear on weddings, dates, clubs, etc. The shoes feature a pair of sturdy yet flexible rubber outsoles. Street dance soles are like regular shoes but better! The rubber outsoles are resilient so they can be worn on just about any indoor or outdoor surface -- wooden floors, paved surfaces, grassy surfaces, etc.

Celia Latin dance shoes street soles

What Makes Street Dance Soles Different?

Just the Right Grip

The problem with wearing regular dance shoes sometimes is that the outsoles tend to be too slippery on certain floors. With the street dance soles, you’ll be confident dancing or walking on any surface without fear of slipping and risking an injury. The outsoles offer the right grip so you are always stable on your feet with every step. 



Have you tried wearing regular dance shoes on other surfaces apart from the dance floor? Don’t. You’ll end up ruining a good pair of dance shoes. Dance shoes, with their soft suede or microfiber outsoles, are only meant to be worn on the dancefloor. If you wear the shoes on other surfaces, they’ll end up being damaged, they’re very delicate. If you want a pair of dance shoes that you’ll use for a long, long time, stick with street dance soles. 


We have a whole range of dance shoes made with street dance soles and our collection keeps getting bigger everyday. We have them in heels and in flats. So whatever look you’re going for, you know there’s a pair of Yami street dance soles that will complement your outfit. Wear these hip, comfy dance shoes while dressed up or down, you’ll look instantly put together the minute you wear these kicks! 


Oh So Comfy!

Just like any of our Latin dance shoes, our street dance soles have padded insoles that absorb peak impact. With these shoes, you can dance for hours without foot pain! Also, the cushions ensure a comfortable, snug fit so that you can dance up a storm with total confidence. 


If you’re tired of packing an extra pair of walking shoes every single time you attend a social dance event, you’ll love our street dance soles. You can wear your dance shoes for dinner and then head straight to the social dance right away. Our street dance soles are perfect for indoor and outdoor use so you never have to worry about ruining another pair of dance shoes ever again! 

We could go on and on about our love for street dance soles but don’t take our word for it! Check out our latest collection and snag a pair while you still can!

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