Open or Closed Toe Shoes for Social Dancing?


Latin dance shoes come in various styles, and the difference between types is so much more than the aesthetics and the feel of the shoes. If you’ve been hunting for comfy dance shoes here at Yami’s, you might’ve seen our collection of open and closed dance shoes. What’s the difference between these Latin dance shoes? That’s what this guide is all about!

Open Toe VS Closed Toe Dance Shoes

If you’re hunting for the perfect Latin dance shoes, then you’ll probably notice that these shoes often come in either open-toe and closed-toe designs. And that certain these styles are designed for specific dance styles.

Sophia Latin dance shoes

Open-toe dance shoes are ideal for any type of rhythm or Latin dance like Bachata, Kizomba, Zouk, Rumba, and Salsa. On the other hand, closed-toe shoes are a standard style for smooth and ballroom dances such as Waltz, Tango, and Foxtrot.


Like most social dance shoes you’ll find at our online store, open-toe styles are designed for better foot articulation. The open-toe design makes it easier to point the toes and execute deliberate, articulated dance steps. Since the footwork is smooth and fast, open-toe shoes provide a better range of movement. You can make those tight twists, turns, and stretch the toes for pointing with a pair of open-toe Latin dance shoes. Extending the legs and toes does not feel uncomfortable at all. 

Open-toe shoes are also ideal for Latin dances because the shoes are more flexible. These dance styles demand turning, stopping, and spinning at high speeds, and too stiff shoes may impede movement. Open-toe dance shoes are best for social dancing because they’re stylish, comfortable, and let the feet breathe. 

Looking for our bestselling open-toe dance shoes? Some of our favorites styles are:

On the other hand, closed-toe shoes are designed for dances that require even footwork. The shoes support smoother movements. The material is often stiff to protect the toes while dancing. Because of the way the shoes are designed, it’s harder to point the toes with closed-toe shoes. Also, the toes aren’t showing, so the visual impact is much different with closed-toe shoes than open-toe shoes. 

We do have several closed-toe shoes, but these models are in a unisex design. If you’re looking for something different, you can check out our latest closed-toe collection here. Looking for our bestselling closed-toe Latin dance shoes? Here are our recos:

Now that you know the key difference between open and closed dance shoes, which one should you get? It all boils down to two things:

1) the kind of dance style you're fond of performance at social dance events 

2) the Latin dance shoe style that you're most comfortable wearing!

No matter if you're into open-toe Kizomba dance shoes or closed dance shoes, all of the dance shoes at Yami's are 100% comfortable, flexible, and durable. Try a pair yourself and feel the Yami difference!

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