Not a Good Fit? Important Things to Remember for Returns

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Sometimes things just don’t work out. Whether we’re talking about dance shoes or other things in life, a happy ending isn’t always guaranteed. And when you found that the dance shoes of your dreams turned out to be different from what you expected, you can always return the shoes to us.

That said, there are certain factors that you need to know before returning an item. In this guide, let’s discuss some of the most common issues related to returning an item:

Returning the Shoes

Only Unused Shoes are Accepted for Returns

This is the most important thing that you should remember before returning an item to us - the shoes should be in pristine, brand new condition. So what constitutes “unused” shoes? Shoes with ZERO signs of wear:

  • No insole imprints
  • No signs of usage on the out soles
  • ZERO scratches, dirt, and grime
  • No foul odors

To be on the safe side, we suggest fitting the shoes on a carpeted area so the outsoles won’t pick up any dirt. Do not remove any of the tags and never throw away the original packaging until you’re absolutely sure that the shoes fit perfectly.

Pack the Shoes Properly for Returns

This is the reason why you should save the shoes’ original packaging, you’ll use it to store the shoes for shipping in case they do not fit. Please unwrap the shoes carefully before trying it on. When returning the shoes, place them in their original box complete with all the tags and paper cushion, if there are any. 

You’ll Shoulder the Shipping Fee

Shipping is processed by a third-party company. This means the original shipping rate is  non-refundable. We cannot refund the shipping fee because the order has been fulfilled. Should you choose to return the shoes, you will pay the shipping fee. You can purchase a shipping label from us at a discounted price!

Additional shipping charges may apply for any items you have added above the value of your original order. But for returns due to defects or wrong sizes, you will not pay for the shipping. 

30-Day Return 

You have 30 days to return the shoes from the ship date. If you’d like to return a pair of Yami dance shoes, please click this link. Be sure to read and understand our Return terms and conditions prior to making a purchase and/or returning your order. 

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