Looking Fabulous on the Dancefloor: Oufits to Wear for Social Dancing


Social dancing is all about sharing the love for Latin dance, meeting new people, and of course, looking and feeling good! 

Getting the look is all part of the fun, and if you’re still wondering what outfits are best for salsa, bachata, zouk, or kizomba, this guide is for you!

A Fancy Dress

Not just any kind of dress, not a semi-formal dress, not a cocktail dress; it has to be a fancy dress. When we say a fancy dress, we mean that one dress that gets the party started. That one dress that flatters everything from your neck to your legs and screams, “LOOK AT ME!” 

The dress should make you feel like a lady - sexy, confident, sophisticated, and expensive! And to keep things saucy, we suggest a fancy dress with an interesting back design, striking neckline, or embellishments.

Pro tip: choose a fancy dress with a fitted top and a loose bottom, so you don’t expose yourself while dancing. The looser fit of the skirt means the material moves with you without riding up, no matter how short the fancy dress is.

LBD: Little Black Dress

A basic black dress that's cut perfectly to flatter your figure. The best thing about black dresses is that it's so easy to dress up or down. Sure, it looks plain at first glance, but you can accessorize it to look put together in a snap. Also, the dark material makes you look extra slender, so your silhouette will look absolutely ravishing on the dance floor!

Pro tip: choose outfits made with lightweight materials, fabrics that make the skin breathe. These outfits let you dance comfortably, even in humid environments.

Summer Dress

A lightweight dress that you can wear in the hottest of summers. The best thing about summer dresses is that you go crazy with the prints and colors. These dresses are often in bright, happy colors or eye-catching prints. If you want to be noticed on the dance floor, better wear your favorite summer dress!

This dress is also perfect to wear for outdoor dance events or on sweltering days. The material lets the skin breathe, keeping you feeling comfortable even when you’re sweating buckets from dancing. The length of the dress is up to you, but if you’re doing a lot of twirling or spinning, the skirt shouldn’t leave you exposed. The fit should be just snug at the top and the skirt, loose. Tight dresses tend to ride up with the slightest movements just because of the extra sweat. Yikes!

Leggings and a Nice Top

On days when you want to feel comfortable and look put together, a pair of legging and a nice top will definitely come in handy. These are closet staples that make you look like you made an effort but didn’t. 

Leggings are a Salsalera’s best friend -- it’s comfortable, gives you the support you need to look fabulous on the dance floor, and it goes with everything. The stretchy material also skims the legs, giving the illusion of longer, more graceful legs. A top with a bold print will look extra snatched with a plain pair of leggings or vice versa. 

Leggings are surprisingly versatile. Depending on the shoes you’re wearing, the outfit could look casual or extra in a snap. Pairing leggings with stiletto heels, for example, is perfect if you’re feeling glam. Dressed down with your Yami dance flats, you’ll look effortlessly chic. 

Pro tip: Feeling underdressed? Try putting your hair up or wearing a full face. You can also pile on the (dance-appropriate) accessories if you want to elevate your look.

Trendy Outfit

 Not a classic dress, something that's on-trend, youthful, popular -- outfits that look good on practically everyone. A good example would be athleisure wear. Kim Kardashian started the trend, and though it’s not for everyone, it’s nice to have a couple of athleisure pieces in your closet just in case you’ll dance outdoor, if it fits the theme, or if you’ve been working out and you want to show off your rock hard form. The stretchy material lets you dance with ease while wicking moisture away from the skin.

Theme-Appropriate Dresses

Social dances often have theme nights when everyone dresses according to the theme. The themes could be anything from Great Gatsby to Springtime in Paris.

 Whether it’s Cowboy-themed, Halloween, or Spring break-themed, etc., you’ll fit right into the event by collecting a couple of theme-specific outfits. Of course, there’s absolutely no need to spend a small fortune on themed outfits. You can always make do with what you have if you have pieces in your closet that could work for some themes. This is why basics are a must; they’re so easy to style!

More Dance Outfit Tips



Don’t be afraid to let your outfits show your unique personality! Dressing up and looking fabulous is part of the fun, and with these outfit ideas, you’ll look totally fabulous on (and off!) the dance floor.




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