Look Snatched on the Dancefloor with These Hair Care and Styling Tips

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A dancer's hair is a part of the entire look. Not a hair should be out of place when you want to look snatched on the dance floor. But just like anything in life, there are good hair days and bad hair days. And Latin dancers, in particular, are prone to poor hair growth because of frequent styling and heat treatments. 

If you're tired of wearing your hair in a bun to keep your crowning glory neat and sleek, we've got a few tips to help you out. In this guide, we are dishing out hair care tips for fabulous, sleek tresses:

Hair Care and Styling Tips

Hair Accessories

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Bobby pins, sparky appliques, stylish elastics, headbands, flower fascinators, clip-on extensions -- these are just some of the many hair accessories that you can use to dress the tresses for a performance. Hair accessories are fun, no doubt, but use these with caution. Invest in high-quality hair accessories, those that won’t pull or break the hair strands. 

Dancers often use bobby pins to hold their hair in place, but you have to be very selective about the quality of the pins you use. Avoid bobby pins without rubber stoppers because these will dig painfully into the skin! The rigid side of the bobby pins should always face outwards. 

Preserve Your Hair Color

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Highlights tend to fade faster from too much chlorine and certain minerals found in tap water. Use a filter that attaches to your shower head to extend the life of your hair color. Trust us; it’s the less expensive option for your monthly hair color and salon treatments! Whenever you’re outdoors, give your tresses a spritz of SPF to protect the hair and maintain the vibrancy of the hair color. 

Change it Up

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… your hairstyle, that is. A ponytail or a bun is a great hairstyle for dancing but give the tresses a rest once in a while. These hairstyles tend to pull the hair strands, causing breakage. Also, a tight bun can be painful; it can also cause migraines. Have fun with different hairstyles, explore different looks and try hairstyles that are kinder to the tresses. 

Practice and Prep Your Hair

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If you’re up for a performance and you’re doing the styling on your own, you need to practice and prepare your hair so you’ll look fabulous from all angles. Your choreography should suit your hairstyle so the hair won’t get in the way of a performance. 

If you have a hairstylist that you’ve never worked with before, bring pictures of the styles you like as a reference. Also, if you can take photos of the costume, show it to the hairstylist, so the end result goes well with the entire ensemble.

Natural Oils are Good

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Before the actual dance event, don’t wash your hair. We’re talking about a day or two before styling your hair, so your scalp produces natural oils. Use a deep conditioning product if your hair is dry; leave the hair alone for a day or two, then style your hair. This way, your hair can hold its shape without the nasty buildup of styling products. You want the hair to be at its healthiest, so the hairstyle doesn’t look dry. Also, if you use too much styling product, the hair becomes dry, brittle, and dull. 

Use a Dry Shampoo

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In between washes, use dry shampoo to sop up oil and prevent greasiness. Just be sure to use a high-quality, organic dry shampoo to avoid product build-up on the scalp!

Weekly Deep Conditioning

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Weekly deep conditioning is a must to maintain the hair’s softness and brilliance. A creamy, deep conditioning product hydrates and repairs the hair strands. Deep conditioning products are available in salons and supermarkets; buy those that won’t make your hair greasy. You can also use a leave-in conditioner for extra dry hair. 

Hair Care Routine

Developing a daily hair care routine helps keep your hair looking its best. Try these tips to boost hair health:

Tip 1: Massage your scalp to keep the blood flow going and release tension. After a long day, let your hair down and massage the scalp, moving the fingertips in slow circular motions. You can use hair oil as a massage oil for the scalp!

Tip 2: Invest in high-quality hair tools. A boar hair brush to minimize frizz and static. Brush your hair in one direction. Brushing boosts blood circulation, which boosts hair health and shine. Brushing in one direction minimizes static; it’ll be easier to style later on. 

Tip 3: It’s a no-brainer but wash your hair after you’re done dancing. Sweat, oil, and grime build-up could cause scalp odors and grease that’ll weaken the hair strands. By washing your hair after every performance, the scalp remains fresh and grime-free.  

Nutrition Tips For Healthy Strong Hair

What you eat affects the overall health of your hair! To keep your crowning glory, well, glorious, fill your daily meals with:

Lean Protein: Lean protein like turkey, chicken, meat, eggs, and dairy products keep the hair shiny, strong, and thick. Legumes and nuts, which are terrific vegetarian protein sources, are teeming with healthy oils that will transform dry, brittle hair!

Iron: Iron deficiency often leads to hair fall and hair loss. A diet rich in iron boosts blood supply and circulation. Red meat, fish, chicken, and green, leafy vegetables are teeming with iron and nutrients that facilitate the absorption of this nutrient.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: And speaking of healthy oils, omega-3 fatty acids are vital in keeping the scalp and hair healthy and hydrated. A serving of salmon, herring, mackerel, or sardines gives your daily requirement of omega-3 fatty acids. Avocado, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds are also rich in this essential oil. 

Biotin: This is a type of water-soluble B vitamin that strengthens the hair strands, minimizes hair fall, boosts hair growth, and prevents hair loss. You can take a biotin supplement or add biotin-rich foods to your daily meals like egg yolk, whole grains, yeast, and soy flour. 

Vitamin E: An essential nutrient that protects from the aging effects of the sun, vitamin E helps retain hair moisture and shine. Nuts like almonds, hazelnuts, and peanuts are a rich source of vitamin E, along with green leafy vegetables. 

Dancing isn't just about the skills, the outfit, or the Latin dance shoes. It's about the hair too! It takes work to get the hair in tip-top shape, but the effort will be worth it when you see your luscious locks looking healthy, thick, and shiny. With these tips, you can maintain or restore hair health, so you’ll always look good from every angle.

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