Improving Agility to Achieve the Perfect Form on the Dance Floor

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You have to be agile to become a better dancer because agility affects your coordination, reflexes, strength, and balance. Training the body to improve agility helps transform your form and performance on the dance floor. This goes especially if you love wearing Latin dance shoes with 3 to 4 inch heels. 

What is Agility?

In essence, agility is the ability of the body to move quickly from one position to another with control, grace, and balance. When you’re agile, you’re less likely to lose your balance or take unstable steps. Agility also boosts mobility, which is the reason why injured dancers and athletes perform agility training. 

Even when you’re not dancing, you’ll still need to be agile to perform everything from cooking to doing housework. Bending over, reaching out, turning around, these movements that we do constantly require agility. 

Agility in Social Dancing

Performing any dance routine requires a great deal of agility. Dancers develop agility early on through different stretch and weight exercises to strengthen the muscles and improve flexibility. 

Agility exercises require neuromuscular efficiency and mental focus. You have to be in total control of your muscles so they can work together. That means you’ll need a full-body workout to improve agility and become a better dancer. 

If you’re joining social dances again, you’re actually training your body to become more agile and flexible. Dancing requires coordination, muscle control, and muscle strength. Every move, jump, glide, or turn, different muscle groups work together to ensure smooth and balanced movements. You can sign up for a dance class or go to a social dance event to improve agility, but it’s better to perform agility exercises regularly to maintain your form.

Agility Workouts You Can Do At Home

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15-Minute Dance Party Workout (No Equipment)


8 Min Agility Drills



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