How to Overcome Your Fear of Social Dancing


With the party atmosphere and getting dressed up or down, social dancing is a fun activity that’s often spent with friends on a Saturday night - at least for most people. But the thing is, not all people are used to being seen dancing so it’s understandable for some to feel self-conscious with the idea of joining a dance event. 

If you’re worried about looking like a fool on the dance floor, stepping on your partner’s feet, or meeting new people, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Dancing is a great way to build self-confidence. With social dancing, the fun, lighthearted vibe isn’t as intimidating, there’s no pressure to perfect a routine. 

Of course, social dancing is best spent with friends and when you see familiar faces, it’s easier to loosen those dancing hips and make a move on the dance floor. But if you still need help when it comes to overcoming your fear of social dancing - or dancing in general - try these tips:

Practice Makes Perfect

If you have friends who could teach you the basics of Latin dance then set aside a few hours each week practicing. If you’d like to take dance lessons first, you can do that too. Practice every chance you get to gradually sharpen your dance skills together with your self-confidence. 

Don’t forget to diversify, learn to dance to different types of music so that you’ll have all the right moves in different social dance scenarios. The thing to remember when dancing is to focus on the music instead of the eyes that are on you. When you’re focused on the actual dancing, you’ll start getting comfortable on the dance floor, and eventually, you won’t mind all the looks during the actual event.

Hone Your Social Skills

Hey, it’s not called social dancing for nothing! Some people are uncomfortable at the idea of making small talks in a dance event but that’s part of the reason why social dancing is so fun!  You get to meet a lot of people - even kindred spirits who dread the social part of the event. 

Do not put undue stress on yourself just because you don’t know most of the people attending the social dance. Not all attendees know each other too! There’s no competition, you are free to talk to people, ask for a dance, or ask questions. You can think of great ice-breakers before the event or give a compliment after a dance, it’s okay to give short answers too. There are no judges who will rate your performance.

Look the Part

Looking the part is one way to gain a much needed boost of confidence when attending social dances. You can dress up or down - just be sure to stick to the basic guidelines that these events have for all attendees. Dressing appropriately is also key to avoiding injuries and heaven forbid, a wardrobe malfunction. Wearing dancing shoes, for example, is not only required by these events, they also help improve your dancing too. And if you’re wearing Yami dance shoes, you know you’ll be dancing up a storm for hours without foot pain!

Be Yourself

Social dancing is about having fun, vibing with people who love dancing as much as you do, and learning all the right moves. So don’t be afraid to be yourself and laugh at yourself when you make little mistakes, that’s part of the fun.  Relax, have a good time, enjoy the lighthearted vibe, and let the music take control. 

The great thing about social dancing is that you get to meet people who, just like you, are there to have some fun. It’s no different to clubbing on a Friday night with friends. And the more social dances you attend, the better your dance skills will become. 

Dancing is easier when you don’t take it seriously. The beauty of social dancing is that the party atmosphere is light and fun. You’re not too self-conscious about the dancing itself because there’s no competition and most times, the other attendees are beginners too! 

Oh, and you’ll feel ten times more confident when you’ve got your outfit right. If you’re hunting for the perfect pair of Latin dance shoes, Bachata dance shoes, Zouk dance shoes, or Kizomba dance shoes, you know it’s gotta be Yami’s! We’ve got new styles just waiting for you!


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I like that you said dancing is an excellent way to boost one’s self-esteem. I want to join dance lessons in a social setting to enhance my confidence since I love to dance but am shy to perform in a crowd and at social events. It’s nice to know that social dancing is less scary, and there is no need to master a performance when you have your dance lesson.

Marie Claire

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