How to Make Every Social Dance Event Fun for YOU


Social dancing is all about sharing your passion for dancing in a fun, club-style setting. It’s a great way to loosen up, have a good time with friends, and meet new people. If you can’t get over your shyness, no matter how many of these social dance events you’ve attended, that’s totally normal!

We’re all about completing your look with the right Latin dance shoes, but we could give you a few tips to make social dancing fun for you too! Here are some tips to keep in mind for your next social dance event:

Dance with Friends

Treating social dance events the same way as clubbing is one way to make social dancing fun for you and your friends. This goes especially if you’re new to social dancing but love clubbing! The great thing about social dances is that the vibe is not formal at all. As long as you’re dressed for the occasion, and you’re all about clean fun, you’re bound to have a good time.

Attending social dance events with friends is also a great way to overcome shyness. Some people are self-conscious when they dance, and having people you know dancing with you will instantly put you at ease. The carefree atmosphere and the clubbing vibe mean you can let go, feel the music, and dance without fear of being judged for your dance skills.

Dress Up!

Who doesn’t love dressing up? With the worst of the pandemic behind us now, more social dance venues are opening up. We’re all in our PJs during the lockdown, and now that things are starting to go back to normal, it’s a great time to dress up again and feel good while looking good! You can finally bring your Yami dance shoes out of the closet and wear them to your next social dance event. 

Unlike performance or competitive dancing, there are no dress codes for social dancing. As long as you’re wearing dance-appropriate clothes, you can join in on the fun! Of course, it helps if you’re wearing comfy Latin dance shoes, so your feet feel supported sans the heel pain while dancing. 

Our Latin dance shoes let you stay on your feet for hours without foot pain, thanks to our cushioned insoles and sturdy heel cup. But don’t take our word for it; try a pair today and learn why our Latin dance shoes keep earning raves from customers.

Meet New People 

Ah yes, social dancing isn’t just about dancing with friends, it’s a great place to meet new people too. Since social dancing is much like clubbing, there are no formalities. You can dance with your friends, bump into like-minded people on the dance floor and perhaps, form a new friendship. We know a lot of people who made life-long friends in these social dance events. Being open to meeting new people is part of the fun of social dancing! You can dance with other people as a large group or ask people to dance with you. 

Ask People to Dance with You?

If you're all about good, clean fun, why not ask people to dance with you? Some people are hesitant to invite others to dance because they're shy or think their dance skills are not good enough, but once you've overcome the initial shyness, you'll find that asking people to dance makes the mood much more lighthearted. 

Asking people to dance is an invitation to meet someone new and share an experience. It’s not a big deal if you get a no. If you’re dancing with friends and they’re game to ask others to dance, dancing in a large group will make the experience fun, motivating others to join in. 

Social dancing is lighthearted, devoid of formalities, and the experience is similar to that of clubbing on a Saturday night. You can make the experience a lot more fun by focusing more on the social aspect and less about how technically accurate your dance steps are. Social dancing becomes even more enjoyable when you’re comfortable, so don’t forget to wear your Yami dance shoes to your next dance event.

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