How to Deal with Sexual Tension on the Dance Floor

Latin dance is all about passion and the dance moves can be quite intimate. That’s why it’s not surprising that some perceive certain dance styles as romantic or downright sexual. And yes, some dancers do get a little carried away when the sexual tension becomes palpable. 

In many cases, the sense of intimacy is simply borne out of a very deep connection between the dancers. Sense of intimacy, after all, makes a romantic dance look very engaging. But how do you deal with all that sexual tension? 

When it’s Sexual or Platonic 

Some people who are new to social dancing with a partner tend to perceive intimate dance styles with sex. That’s normal because we live in a society that makes us believe that being physically close to someone is a form of intimacy.

In most cases, the sexual tension was created by the lead on purpose to add drama to the performance. All that sultry looks, the hugging, and slow body waves, etc., are a part of the routine to keep viewers engaged. Nothing sexual about it. If you’re not doing it with your partner and you know that s/he’s not giving any idea to think that the dance is leading to something else, it’s platonic.

On the other hand, if you feel that some moments are intentional and you know for sure that it’s more than platonic, definitely act according to how you feel. If you’re into the person and you’re there to meet someone new, enjoy the connection. But if you’re not comfortable with the attention, then put a stop to it. Consent is everything on the dance floor. 
If you feel like your dance partner is getting handsy and it’s making you uncomfortable, speak up. If say, he’s pressing a little too closely or his hands are touching places they shouldn’t, make it clear that you’re only interested in dancing with him and nothing more. Don’t be pressured into making a sexual connection. 

Sexual tension is one of the more unique occurrences in dancing just because it’s a very physical activity, one that demands a deep connection with a partner.  But as long as no lines are being crossed, you will love the experience because social dancing is fun!

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