Hair Accessories for Social Dancers

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A little accessorizing here and there will definitely elevate any look. Some love wearing dazzling Latin dance shoes to spice up an outfit; others express their style through their hairstyle and accessories. If you’re into hair accessories, then you know there are tons of options out there! 

Hair accessories are often worn during dance competitions, but these also work great when you want to elevate an otherwise casual social dance outfit. And nothing makes an outfit pop quite like a unique hair accessory. If you need inspiration for your next look, here are some hair accessories  are some hair accessories suggestions for your next look: 

5 Hair Accessories to Spice Up an Outfit


Hair Appliques

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Hair appliques are some of the most popular hair accessories because they’re easy to put on and off. Some are fitted with metal clasps; others are attached to an elastic band. Most hair appliques feature sparkly rhinestones and crystals, while others are made from pearls, lace, colorful beads in an ornate metal setting. Any of these styles will work to glam up an outfit.



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We’re not just talking about those chunky headbands of the 80s and 90s fashion; we’re talking about those Instagram-worthy crystal-studded headbands made with either metal or satin bands.

These headbands a dramatic flair to any outfit and it’s also worn for bridal looks. You can tone the look down by keeping the rest of your outfit neutral. Or match an ostentatious headband with equally eye-catching Yami dance shoes… perhaps the Sophie in Rose Gold or the Diamond Studded Performer heels? Fabulous!

Hair Choker 

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If you want to put your hair up and do it in style, we highly suggest getting a bejeweled hair choker. You can make one yourself using a ponytail elastic, hot glue, and an old necklace that you no longer use or buy this hair accessory from a store. It’s a simple hair accessory, but it does wonder in elevating the simple bun into something eye-catching and stylish!

Flower or Feather Fascinator 

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If you want to put your hairstyle front and center, you’ll need hair accessories that are anything but subtle. A flower or feather fascinator hairpiece is attached to a pin that you simply slide to the side of an updo. You can also loop it around pigtails or ponytails, etc.

These hair accessories are pretty flashy, just like rhinestone accessories. If you’re not feeling your outfit, you can also pin it as an embellishment. 


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A straight-up hair tiara is the best hair accessory that instantly adds drama and elegance to an outfit. Tiaras often come with a built-in comb, so you can simply slide into a bun or updo. But to secure it in place, use bobby pins. 

Tiaras come in many sizes; you can wear a small one for a subtle sparkle or a big one to match your BIG personality. 

Helpful Tips to Achieve Perfect Ballroom Competition Hair

  • Plan your hairstyle well in advance, especially if you’re doing your hair and not a hairstylist
  • Practice makes perfect! 
  • Your hairstyle should always suit your outfit or costume. Your hair is a part of the entire look, after all.
  • Every hair section should be neat and sharp! Use a fine-tooth comb to part your hair into sections and a little hair gel or mousse to keep the hair in place. 
  • Using extensions? Try a complementing or contrasting hair color to give your hairstyle a different look.
  • Secure the hair accessories. You don’t want these to come undone during a performance. Use bobby pins, hairspray, and sticky backing to keep your hair accessories in place. 

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You can style your hair for social dancing or competitive dancing, whatever look you hope to achieve, always keep shape and interest in mind when styling your hair! No matter the hair accessory you use, these tips will help you achieve the perfect coif for dancing.



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