Dance Shoes for Him: Our Bestselling Social Dance Shoes for Men

While we’re known for our social dance shoes for the ladies, we also offer a selection of Latin dance shoes for men. Crafted from fine leathers or vegan leather, our curated collection of Bachata dance shoes for him make a terrific gift for yourself or for your loved one. Here are some of our top-selling social dance shoes for men:

Mambo White Performance Unisex Dance Shoe Flats

White as snow and smooth as silk, our Mambo white performance unisex dance shoes feature neutral white genuine leather uppers and suede outsoles. The white leather has a slight texture so the finish isn't completely smooth, which gives the shoes a subtle sheen. Wear it with contrasting or complementing colors, the Mambo white is surprisingly easy to wear because the shade is very neutral and flattering. The fine suede outsoles let you make those smooth spins and turns with ease. We highly recommend this style for smooth surfaces.

Mambo Black Velvet Performance Unisex Dance Shoe Flats

The Mambo Black is the complete opposite of our Mambo White. It’s dark as sin with a smooth, velvety finish thanks to the luxurious suede uppers. The Mambo Black share the same, unbeatable comfort and smooth wear of the Mambo White thanks to the padded insoles and fine leather outsoles. The uppers are made with full-grain leather. Thin lace-ups cradle the feet for maximum comfort. Since it’s black, this style goes with virtually anything in your wardrobe!

Carbonado Black Diamond Unisex Dance Shoes

One of our newest Bachata dance shoes is the Carbonado, which comes in two colorways: red and black. The Black Diamond unisex dance shoes are an excellent gift for him because of the ultra-luxe leather uppers, rubber outsoles, and padded insoles. A smattering of black diamond gives this shoe style a subtle sparkle. The rubber soles make the Carbonado totally versatile. It's excellent shoes to wear for your next social dance because there is no need to bring an extra pair of shoes!  

Tropically Unisex Dance Shoe Flats

Lightweight, versatile, and colorful, the Tropically Unisex Dance Shoe Flats is the perfect summer shoes because it's so easy to wear and practical.  The shoes feature a classic slip-on design so you can slip them on and off with ease. Tropically is made by combining smooth, white leather with floral textile for a bit of fun and funk. The low heel ensures utmost comfort so you can make those sweet moves on the dance floor. The Tropically can be worn on and off the dance floor with the versatile street dance soles.

Leo Black and White Performance Unisex Dance Shoe Flats

The classic pairing of black and white never goes out of style. These eye-catching flats feature a tapered design and laces for a comfortable fit. The shoes are crafted from top quality, full-grain leather, and super soft lined insoles. The Leo also features suede outsoles so you can make those tight turns or glide on the dance floor smoothly. The .25 inch standard, cushioned heel adds a subtle boost of height while the padded insoles provide extra support and comfort! 

Black Gator Unisex Dance Shoe Flats

We're concluding our list of the best Bachata social dance shoes for men with the Black Gator Unisex Dance shoe flats. The Gator is made from textured, full-grain leather and soft leather lining. It features a comfortable slip-on design and is ideal for wide feet. The tassel accent makes the shoes dressier although you can certainly wear the Gator dressed down too! The Gator comes with our all-purpose street dance soles. This means you can wear the Gator on any surface. The Gator is definitely the shoes to get if you're looking for something different.

And there you have it, our list of the best social dance shoes for men. Which one will you get? Let us know in the comments section!

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