Carbonado Unisex Flats: Our Most Comfortable Yami Dance Shoes Yet

Dance shoes that feel light as a feather and soft as a baby’s bottom. Is it possible? You bet!

Meet the Carbonado Unisex flats!

We’ve always been huge fans of Andrea Arenas aka Ace Fusion for her smooth as butter dance moves and undeniable charisma. Our collaboration with Ace Fusion led to Carbonado Unisex flats, our most comfortable dance shoes yet!

Crafted from top-quality, full-grain leather, with cushioned insoles and heels, the Carbonado Unisex flats are designed to elevate your performance on and off the dance floor. 

Two Designs to Choose From

Red Fire: Made for Spinning

The Red Fire Carbonado flats feature fine quality suede soles to highlight your smooth moves on the dance floor. The suede soles provide the right traction to supercharge your turns and spins for a thrilling performance. 

Black Diamond: Street Meets Chic

The versatile dance shoes to complement any outfit, the Black Diamond Carbonado flats feature our multi-purpose outsoles. The street dance soles offer the right grip for an incredible performance on the dance floor... and off! The Black Diamond Carbonado flats can be worn for dancing on any surface. 

Why We LOVE the Carbonado Unisex Flats

  • Unisex Design 
  • Versatile Performance
  • Odor Control
  • Extra Support
  • Stylish

Unisex Design

The Carbonado Unisex flats are a fusion of style and comfort. The shoes are crafted with supple full-grain leather that molds to your feet for a perfect fit. The unisex shape makes it ideal for all foot length and foot width. A smattering of diamond rocks gives a light show of their own with every step. 

Versatile Performance

The Carbonado Unisex flats are made to move with you. The Fire Red flats feature suede soles that let you perform dizzying spins and gravity-defying turns on the dance floor. The Black Diamond flats feature flexible street dance soles so you can dance with confidence on any surface. Whichever flats you choose, the Carbonado Unisex flats will elevate your dance skills. 

Odor Control

Don’t let sweat and odor keep you from performing your best! Carbonado Unisex flats boast of microfiber lining that wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping your feet fresh and dry. The material also protects the shoes from bad odors so you can dance the night away with confidence!

Extra Support

The Carbonado Unisex flats offer perfect support thanks to our signature insole padding. The strategically-placed padding boosts comfort and stability while also alleviating forefoot pain and muscle strain. The .25-inches low-profile heels and flexible outsoles keep you steady on your feet with every step.


All eyes on you, the Carbonado Unisex flats dazzle with diamond rocks for a showstopping performance. The classic shape flatters any shoe widths while the tapered, seamless design enhances foot pointing for maximum visual impact. Carbonado Unisex flats are available in two colorways for endless looks, Fire Red and Black Diamond. 

Go ahead and give the  Carbonado Unisex flats a try! It's definitely one of our most comfortable flats we've ever designed and we are you're going to love it. 

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