Best Social Dance Shirts for Men

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You're moving a lot when you're dancing, so it's important to wear something comfortable for greater freedom of movement. But being comfortable doesn’t mean sacrificing style. You can move in comfort while looking absolutely smashing on the dance floor. For menswear, dance shirts are the most popular article of clothing, and there are loads of options out there. You can mix and match different colors and prints to come out with every look imaginable.

Different Types of Shirts for Social Dancing

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Solid Colored Shirts
If your closet is missing that one versatile piece that looks good no matter what you wear it with, you need to invest in several solid colored shirts in a nice, neutral shade like white, black, camel, light blue, pastel pink, etc. You just can’t go wrong with a solid-colored shirt worn with a nice pair of trousers and an understated belt. You’ll look stylish, comfortable, and polished without really trying *chef’s kiss*
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Printed Shirts
A great alternative to a solid-colored shirt is a printed shirt. As long as the prints aren’t too in-your-face or tacky, the shirts will add a fun variety to your closet. This shirt is perfect for younger men who want to add a fun flair to their social dance outfits. 
Choose a print that’s classy, discreet, and maybe meaningful - prints that reflect your vibe or personality. Do not wear multiple patterns; the outfit would look too busy or distracting. If you’re wearing a printed top, keep the rest of your look neutral and plain. 
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Plaid Shirts
A classic plaid shirt looks good in a casual or outdoor setting. It’s a cool, casual, easy-to-wear shirt that you can wear on theme nights or on days when you want to look good but don’t want to put much effort into it. Because plaid shirts have big prints, it’s best to keep the rest of your look neutral and plain - unless going for over the top is your signature look!
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Striped Shirts
Striped shirts are a classic, and depending on the direction of the stripes, they can make you look fit or lean. Striped shirts with vertical lines, for example, tricks the eye into making you look thin, slender, and tall. On the other hand, shirts with horizontal stripes add weight to your visuals, perfect if you're lanky and want to look fit. What you want to avoid is to wear striped shirts with striped trousers or striped Latin dance shoes. Striped shirts, just like printed shirts and plaid shirts, provide enough graphics on their own and are best worn with solid-colored bottoms or bottoms with tiny prints.
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Short Sleeves Buttons Down Shirts
Another casual shirt to wear on days when you want to look cool and comfortable without really trying. A short-sleeved button-down shirt will look best with a nice-fitting pair of trousers; the bottom gives a more polished look to the ensemble. We suggest a solid-colored short-sleeved shirt or a short-sleeved shirt with small to medium prints. 
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Turtleneck Shirt
An excellent choice for performers who want to look sleek on the dance floor. There are so many ways to dress up a turtleneck shirt too, in case you’re feeling underdressed. You can opt for a color-blocking combination (like a Fuschia pink top with blue or teal trousers, red top, and orange bottoms), a monochromatic ensemble (all black, all white, all red), or pair the top with black trousers.
The Best Men's Clothing For Social Dancing

Things to Remember Before Buying a Shirt for Social Dancing

Choose Natural Fabric: When searching for the best shirts for social dancing, check the label first and foremost. Check what fabric was used and see if the material is something you see yourself wearing comfortably for hours. The best materials for men shirts are:
  • Combed cotton
  • Silk
  • Linen
  • Wool
We highly recommend shirts made with natural fibers like cotton, linen, and silk. The materials absorb sweat and keep the skin nice and cool. Avoid synthetic fibers like polyester or satin because these materials will make you feel hotter and sweatier. 
Versatility: Just to make sure you’re getting the most wear out of your shirts, choose styles and prints that pair well with any of the clothing you already have in your closet. Solid colored shirts make a great investment just because they’re easy to wear. Neutral colors like black, blue, and beige will pair well with different bottoms and accessories. Printed shirts and plaids are a little tricky to wear, but as long as the prints are not too big nor too busy, they should work with most of the pants you already have. 
Style: Choose a shirt that’s suitable for the event you’re going to. If you’re out social dancing, check the event’s guidelines for the outfits. Be sure that the shirt you’ll wear suits the setting. Wearing a thick, long-sleeve shirt made with polyester or rayon or knitted top in the middle of summer, for example, could leave you feeling hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable while dancing. Choose a style that goes well with your entire look; the shirt should make you look and feel good. 
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