At-Home Workout for Building Strong, Toned Dancer Legs

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All dancers have one thing in common: strong, toned legs. Dancers have strong legs so that they could execute those stunning jumps, turns, and lifts. Having strong, sexy stems isn't just about looking good; it’s key to stabilizing the hips, making you a better social dancer. Sure, dancing is a great workout, but it's primarily cardio. You gotta target the correct muscle groups.

To build strong and sculpted legs, you need to perform weight-bearing exercises that target the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves without damaging the knees and ankles. To get major leg envy even if you have two left feet, try these easy yet effective workout:

Pelvic Raise

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Lie down on your back and keep the knees bent, feet hip-width apart. Keep your hands flat and resting on the floor. Slowly raise your hips, creating a straight line from the shoulders to the knees. Hold the position for at least 5 seconds, then go back to the starting position. Repeat 30 times. 


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Stand up straight, shoulders width apart. Lower the body as far down as you can by pushing the hips back and bending the knees while holding both hands across the chest. Keep your knees above your ankles as you lower yourself down, then push through your heels. Do 20 reps. 

Calf Raise

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You can do this either by holding a wall or holding a dumbbell with each hand. Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Keep the knees straight, and then slowly rise onto your toes and raise yourself as high as you can. Hold the position for a couple of seconds, then slowly lower back down to the floor. Do 15 reps. 


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Stand up straight, keeping the shoulders back. Take a step forward with one foot until the leg reaches a 90-degree angle. Keep the rear knee parallel to the ground and squeeze the glutes. Lift your front lunging leg to return to the starting position. You can either switch off between legs or do 12 reps on each leg.


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Lie face down on the floor with the legs extended and the bent elbows shoulder-width apart tucked under the shoulders. Keep the feet hip-width apart. With your shoulders and toes, lift the entire body up, keeping the forearms firmly on the ground. The body should create a straight line from the head to the heels. Do not drop the hips; push the heels back and then sink the shoulder blades down. Hold the position for at least 1 minute or for as long as possible. 

Single-leg Lift

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Lie down on the floor with your legs bent. Tuck your hands under the butt. And lift both feet on the floor to the ceiling. Keep the other one in a stationary raised position and then bring the other leg down to the floor then up again. Now switch to the other legs. Do 20 reps (if you’re switching legs in one set or ten reps on each leg.

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