8 Beauty Rules Professional Salseras Swear By!

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Beautiful skin is not necessarily a dance requirement but let’s be real, we feel we’re at our best when our skin is clear and glowing! If you’ve been dutifully joining social dances regularly then congrats, you’re already doing a lot of good to your skin. But you can amp up your skincare routine by sticking to certain beauty hacks that every salsera swear by. You ready? Here are 8 beauty rules that have been tried and tested by professional salseras:

A Full Face is Optional

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Looking good is part of the fun but a full face is definitely optional. You can skip the foundation if you’re skin is smooth and clear already -- just spot correct with a concealer. If you must, choose a lightweight foundation. 

You can make up for the minimal foundation with full lashes and perhaps, a red lip. You can also focus on the eye or brow makeup to frame the face then keep the lips nice and neutral. 

If you’re on rehearsals, skip the foundation altogether. Use a BB cream if you feel naked without foundation, building the product in thin layers with a damp sponge to give the illusion of flawless skin. Finish up with a pat of finishing powder to set the BB cream in place. 

Keep Makeup Removing Wipes Handy

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If you’re sweating a lot and your makeup practically melts within an hour of dancing, you need to keep makeup-removing wipes on hand. Face makeup tends to sit uncomfortably on the skin once the skin sweats so having makeup removing wipes in your purse lets you clean your face as soon as you're done dancing. 

You can also use the wipes for re-touching, like when your eyeliner runs or your foundation is caking. Just pat gently on the skin, retouch, and back on the dance floor, you go with your Yami dance shoes!

Try a Classic Bun

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Wearing your hair down works for most occasions, but you’re better off with your hair up so your hair won’t be all over your face when you’re dancing. Sweating and long hair don’t mix, it leads to a breakout. Your look will be messy AF! Also, you don’t want to accidentally whip your partner’s face while making those quick turns.

A bun is the best hairstyle for dancing because it gets the hair out of the way and makes you look put together in an instant. You can go for a top knot, a classic chignon, a messy bun, a low knot, French braids, or a simple ponytail. 

Go for Travel-Size Skincare Products

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One way to care for your skin everywhere, even on social dance nights, is to keep travel-size skin care products in your purse. You can bring a hydrating face mist, a tiny tube of moisturizer, and a face cleanser, so if you feel like rejuvenating or cleansing your skin after dancing or practicing, you can! 

Stick to a Nighttime Skincare Routine

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Good skin is key to better makeup, it makes application easier, and the result is always fabulous. But if your skincare routine is mainly for the AM, you need to stick to a nighttime routine too. At night, the skin repairs itself, and it needs all the help it can get. So at the bare minimum, you should remove all traces of makeup with a good face cleanser and then apply a hydrating moisturizer before hitting the sack. 

Make Double Cleansing a Habit

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If you wear sweatproof or budge-proof makeup, you need to work harder to remove all traces of makeup. Unfortunately, there is still leftover makeup on the skin, and this isn’t obvious at all until you use a toner. If you’re too lazy to apply toner after cleansing, make double cleansing a habit. 

Double cleansing involves applying an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup and then a water-based cleanser to wash everything off. Double cleansing helps rid the skin of makeup without stripping the skin of moisture. It will prep the skin for moisturizer application too. 

For Minimal Makeup, Focus on the Eyes and Lips

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It’s important to let your skin breathe every now and then if you’re always wearing makeup. On days when you want to take it easy, but you still want to look like a hot tamale, try being barefaced but wear your favorite lip color and jazz up the eyes with falsies and thick yet natural-looking brows.

The brows frame the face, so keeping them tidy is a must. Use a brow gel or brow pencil to make the brows look extra full but neat. You can wear your favorite mascara, but for added impact on the dancefloor, falsies are the best way to go. Finish up with a red lip, and you’ll look glam without much effort at all. 

Stay Hydrated

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No, we’re not just saying guzzling H2o after a round of Kizomba; you need to drink at least eight glasses of water daily and MORE if you are doing something intense, like working out, social dancing, or hiking. 

Drinking water helps flush out toxins from the body while lubricating major organs, especially the skin. Also, dancing, even social dancing, is a form of intense workout, so it’s essential to drink up to replenish the water you lost through sweat. It’s no secret that proper hydration is key to better skin, so be sure to keep a bottle handy!

… and there you have it, the 8 beauty rules that professional salseras swear by! What’s your favorite? For more beauty and social dancing tips, check out our blog.

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