5 Ways Social Dancing Can Benefit Your Training

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The party atmosphere, the funky music, and the casual dancing make social dancing similar to clubbing. It’s a fabulous event to go to when you want to dress up, get your Yami dance shoes on and dance the night away. You can party with friends and meet new people too!

But did you know that social dancing could also serve as a training ground for aspiring performers or competitive dancers?

It’s not a new thing at all. In fact, some professional Latin dancers got their start at the social dance scene. If you are training to be a performer or a competitive dancer, we highly suggest joining the social dance scene because it’s a terrific place to get practical tips on dancing. Here are ways that social dancing can benefit your training:

5 Ways Social Dancing Can Benefit Your Training

A Boost of Confidence

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Training in a studio can sometimes limit your interaction with other people. If you’re naturally shy and you’d like to feel more comfortable dancing in a social setting, you will love the easygoing vibe of social dancing. You can dance on your own and meet other people or take a friend or two with you to dance the night away. 

The great thing about dancing at a social dance event is that you can make mistakes and not feel embarrassed about them. Not all participants are great dancers; some just join in to have fun and socialize. You’ll get a boost of confidence as you become more relaxed dancing in front of other people. 

Discover Your Identity

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Social dance events are not limited by certain dance principles, disciplines, or societal norms. You don't have to put up a front to impress people or dance a certain way to conform to a specific dance principle. 

You can let loose, be yourself, perform a particular dance genre on your own, and get a feel of your own identity as a person and as a dancer. You'll find support, understanding, and acceptance in most social dance events because everyone just wants to share the passion for dance and have fun.  

Pick Up a Cool Trick or Two

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The studio isn’t the only place to hone your dance skills. While nothing beats formal training, you can pick up a dance technique or two on the social dance scene too. Dancing with so many people, newbies, and professionals alike, give you plenty of opportunities to learn different dance genres, discover traditional and non-traditional dance moves, and techniques that’ll improve your training. The vibe is not competitive nor constricting, so you are free to try different genres or dance moves and discover which ones would look fabulous when added to your routine. 

Get Inspiration

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If you’re trying to create a new routine and in dire need of inspiration, then pack those Yami dance shoes and attend a social dance event. There is a reason why professional dancers and performers frequent social dances; you get inspired by the sights, the vibe, and the shared passion for Latin dance. If there’s a trendy new music or dance craze popular in the social dance scene, you can incorporate these into your following routine to keep it fresh!

Learn to Improvise

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Some dancers do well in highly choreographed routines and not so much when it comes to improvisation just because the training doesn’t have much room for creativity. If you are used to performing with precise instructions, and you’d like to loosen up and add creativeness and spontaneity to your performer, you should try social dancing.

A social dance scene is a place where people dance to feel good, not necessarily to put on a show and pore over the technicalities of the performance. It’s a place where fun, spontaneity, and creativity flows freely. You can live in the moment, have fun with new people, make mistakes, and learn to improvise new dance moves on the spot! You'll learn how to adapt to different situations and become a flexible, versatile dancer.

If you’re training to become a competitive dancer or performer, there are lots to be gained by social dancing. Of course, with the pandemic and all, certain restrictions are still enforced. You still have to practice social distancing and reduce close interactions with other dancers. In the meantime, pick the perfect Latin dance shoes from our collection so you'll be ready for social dancing once things go back to normal!

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