The World’s Most COMFORTABLE Dance Shoes

Created by dancers, for dancers. The ONLY shoes with built-in padding where you need it most.


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  • Extra Padding Where You Need It Most

    Yami shoes contained an extra layer of padding under the balls of the feet and heels. This provides you with the comfort and relief you need to dance all night long.

  • Shock Absorbing

    Our cushions help absorb some of the shock/impact associated with dancing. This will help alleviate pain during and after long dance sessions.

  • 30-day Easy Returns

    If they don't fit right… If they aren’t the most comfortable dance shoes you’ve ever experienced… Simply send them back and exchange them for a size that fits. Free of Charge!

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Yami Shoes VS Other Brands

Yami Shoes



  • Extra padding, comfortable to dance for hours

    Can't be worn for long periods of time without pain

  • Steady heels for support and comfort

    Wobbly heels that can cause injuries

  • Microfiber and hypoallergenic. Easy cleaning and won't absorb sweat. Vegan.

    Absorbs sweat/odor and becomes stinky. Not vegan

  • Soles are made of thermoplastic rubber - lightweight and elastic

    Soles are made of rubber - wear out easily and the heel scratches easily

  • Packs and ships in 48 hours

    Take up 3-6 weeks to deliver

  • Hand-made with the greatest quality - 180 days product guarantee

    Uses cheap materials and manufacturing, bad return policy

  • Jennifer W.

    "Our pro team uses these shoes for our performances! We love how comfortable they are! They allow us to point our toes no problem! You can't ask for a better shoe!"

  • Anne N.

    "I can’t remember the last time I put on a pair of dance shoes that felt perfectly made for my feet! I social danced hours in them my first night wearing them and my feet didn’t hurt at all!"

  • Julie V.

    "Absolutely love the fit and feel. Comfortable and provides stability to my ankles. The shoes are excellent on dance floors and other surfaces! Very versatile to wear too!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to the questions we are asked the most

What shoes do you recommend for beginners?

We recommend the Performer Dance Shoe.

How do I choose my dance shoe size?

We recommend that you start with your everyday shoe size. Our shoes are true to size and is neither narrow or wide. They are made to a USA standard width. The only exception is for those with wide feet. If you have a wide fit please choose a half size larger.

What shoes are best for wide/narrow feet?

For those with wide feet we recommend any shoe from our Full Lace Up category. Full Lace Up dance shoes are great for wide feet because you tighten the width of the shoe to match your width. They are also great for very narrow feet.

If a Latin shoe is needed for those with wide feet, we recommend our Proflex Copper, Chely and Ambar dance shoes.

What are Street Soles?

Street Soles are dance shoes with rubber soles that are BENDABLE. The rubber sole allows you to wear your dance shoes outside without ruining them. You can use these shoes for everyday use and to dance on ANY surface.

What’s the difference between a Suede Bottom and a Street Sole dance shoe?

Our Street Sole dance shoe is mainly made for social dancing. These are shoes that have a fashion flair and don't look like your typical dance shoe. The rubber bottom allows these shoes to be worn outside and are great to dance on ANY surface.

The Suede Bottom shoe is mainly intended to be used on a wooden floor. These shoes are great for practice and performing. As they are typically very flexible and light weight. Great for pointing!

What if the shoe doesn’t fit me perfectly?

Don’t worry! You have up to 30 days from your ship date to try on your shoes and confirm that the fit and feel is to your liking.

You may visit our Return Center to process your return.

Message from the Founder

One of the biggest issues dancers face is that most dance shoes kill your feet! No matter what you do, it seems impossible to find a pair of dance shoes that had enough support and padding.

That's why, 3 years ago, Yami Dance Shoes started with one simple premise in mind: "Every dancer deserves a cute, comfortable dance shoe at a fair price!"

You’ll love our unique padded insoles and stabilized heel - so comfy that you can dance in it for hours! It's a total game changer!

We’re so happy to help fellow dancers and can’t wait to hear what you think of Yami Dance Shoes.


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