Shoes to Avoid Wearing for Latin Dancing

Latin dancing requires a certain type of shoes. It’s an activity that could easily wear out regular footwear. Also, social dance events have rules on the type of shoes to wear on the dance floor. If you are new to the social dance scene, here are tips about the shoes you should avoid wearing for Latin dancing:

Slip-On Shoes

Slip-on shoes are no doubt comfortable and easy to put on and off that’s why they’re a very popular footwear design. But for dancing, they’re a terrible choice simply because of the loose fit. 

The way that a slip-on shoe is designed allows the wearer to, quite literally, slip the shoe on and off the feet. When you’re dancing, the quick footwork plus all that gliding and rocking back and forth will cause the shoe to slide off. If your shoes keep sliding off while dancing, you might end up twisting your ankles or tripping all over the dance floor! 

If you love the ease of use and comfort of slip-on pumps, we suggest our Latin dance booties. The Chantel in snakeskin and gold colorway or the Lolita in velvety black leather are comfy Latin dance shoes that are easy to put on and off. The adjustable laces let you loosen or tighten the shoes for a perfect fit! 

The Sophia in elegant rose gold is another easy to wear booties that you could wear on your next social dance event. The shoes have no laces, you just slip these on and then zip up. The golden straps add a touch of sexiness to any outfit and would look extra bomb when paired with a red or black dress!

You can also try any of our Latin dance flats. Our Latin dance flats come in an array of designs to choose from, including our newest bestsellers, the Carbonado series. Our comfy Latin dance flats are crafted from soft, supple leathers with padded insoles. They’re so easy to put on and take off, just like your favorite pair of slip-ons. 

Platform Shoes

Platform shoes were so big in the 90s, everyone was wearing these sky-high shoes in every imaginable color and style! These days, platform shoes remain a fashion staple but the designs have become less loud and more versatile. 

As walking shoes, platform shoes can be quite uncomfortable mostly because the thick outsole is very rigid. The rigidness of the outsoles affect how your foot lands on a walking surface. You can’t glide, rock back and forth, or bend your legs properly while wearing platform shoes.

Also, the platforms tend to mess with your timing so it will be hard to dance in tune with the music. The added boost of height may be a Godsend for short folks but platforms could make you a little unsteady on your feet. There is an increased risk of injury if you’re wearing platform shoes.


Slingback heels are making a comeback in the fashion scene because of their versatility. They can be worn in business formal offices or in parties, paired with a cute dress. But as dancing shoes, slingbacks are just like slip-on, they slip off. 

The strap of a slip-on cradles the heel and no matter how often you try to adjust the strap, the shoe keeps slipping off when you’re dancing. In fact, slingbacks slip off all the time even when you’re walking! That’s pretty much the reason why we don’t have slingbacks in our collection. 

But! If you love the look of simple, sexy heels, we think that the Emoni Nude Diamond Studded Latin Dance Shoe, the Ariel Latin Dance Shoe Pearl & Diamond Studded, and the Star Performer Latin Dance Shoe Diamond Studded make a terrific alternative to slingback heels.

These comfy Latin dance shoes have the same silhouette as the classic slingbacks but they do not come off unless you want them to. Also, these shoes are optimized for dancing and you will love the comfortable fit, the adjustable ankle straps, and the sexy peep-toe design.


All social dancing events ban flip-flops for a reason - these just don’t fit the aesthetic and vibe of the scene. You don’t want to be the guy who’d show up on a social dance wearing a tank top, cargo pants, and flip-flops, it’s against the dress code. Also, no one would take you seriously because you are way, way under dressed for the event. Looking the part should always be a priority when you’re attending social dances. 

Sure, flip-flops are very comfortable but they’re not made for dancing. The thong-straps do nothing to support the feet while spinning or gliding. The material tends to be too grippy and you might end up tripping while dancing or the strap could snap. It’s common for people who are wearing flats to twist their ankles while dancing. Unless you are an experienced dancer, you should be extremely careful when you’re dancing on flip-flops.

Our Latin dance flats feel just as comfortable as your favorite flip-flops but they won’t break the dress code. Also, the padded insoles cradle the feet so every step feels like walking on clouds. With our Latin dance flats, you will never think about wearing flip-flops at any dance event ever again!

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