How to Wear Red Latin Dance Shoes + More Fashion Tips

Passionate, fiery, red hot - a pair of red Latin dance shoes really elevates the look of a simple outfit. The color is a fashion essential but let’s face it, red is a very tricky color to wear. That’s because red is a strong color, it automatically draws the eyes to it.

Unlike neutral shades or plain black, red dance shoes are notoriously hard to match with certain outfits just because it clashes with some colors. And attempting to match your shoes with your dress could sometimes work against you. Fact is, it’s easy to go overboard with this color unless that’s the look you’re going for!

Here at Yami’s, we’re not just the authority in high-quality Latin dance shoes, Kizomba dance shoes, and Bachata dance shoes, we love fashion as much as you do too! If you love red Latin dance shoes but you’re struggling with how to wear them, try this tip:

Use as an Accent Color

Not a lot of people could pull off a head-to-toe red. Some reds tend to clash with each other. Unless you want the color red to dominate your entire outfit, use red as an accent color. For instance, you can pair the Melody rouge with crimson hair clips or perhaps a red skirt/top with red Zouk dance heels. The key here is to choose a red that works with your other accents and wear the color sparingly - just pops of color here and there.

Find a Complementing Shade

Some colors tend to clash with red like lime green or sunny yellow and wearing these colors together may hurt the eyes. You have to find the right colors to wear with your red shoes. If in doubt, consult your color wheel and look at all the colors that are in contrast with the red. These are the colors that will go well with red.

Red and Navy

Red and Navy blue is a classic color combination that flatters most skin tones. The deepness of the blue anchors the stark crimson color, making the latter more wearable. 

Red + Black and White

Another classic color combination that really adds drama and glamour to an outfit. Black and white are contrasting colors while red compliments both colors. The subdued black and versatile white help neutralize a loud color like red.

Red and Black

For a glamorous look that never fails to catch the eye, you can’t go wrong with a black and red color combination. Pair your favorite red Latin dance heels with a little black dress and you’re good to go! Let the entire look do all the talking for you!

Pink and Red

This is a fun, bubbly color combination that will add youthful exuberance to an outfit. Yes, both colors are quite head-turners on their own but together, they are stunning! We suggest finding a more subdued red to pair with your pink like the Maggie Dance booties, which feature a flattering burgundy red.

Red and Gold

Another classic pairing that’s akin to the iconic black and gold combination. Red adds a touch of fiery drama to gold. It’s not the subtlest color scheme but if you’re competing and out for blood, this will be a killer look. We highly suggest upping the ante with our Chantel Red and Gold booties. 

With a Printed Dress

A pink and red printed dress, royal blue, gold/yellow, or black, all these will look smashing when paired with red dancing shoes. Some of the prints that go well with red are:

  • Polka dots
  • Horizontal stripes
  • Gingham
  • Floral prints

For a fail-safe look, pair your red shoes with a printed dress with a little red in it. 


From taupe to beige, tan to camel, neutral shades go so well with red because neutrals, in general, are very easy to wear. All neutral shades go well with virtually anything, including bright and dark red.

White Shirt and Denim

White shirt and denim jeans are a timeless pairing that adds an easy-breezy ‘ttude to any look. Worn with Red Hot Satin heels or Red Fire Carbonado unisex flats and this classic look becomes extra glamorous. A great ensemble to try if you want to look and feel comfortable in your next social event. 

As you can see, there are so many ways to wear red dancing heels. Red becomes wearable as long as you know which colors compliment it and what prints go with it. Explore our collection of red Latin dance shoes here!

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